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The Best Stereo Speakers Of 2018 For Your Computer

We make a small selection of the 5 best stereo speakers of 2018 that we can buy to accompany our computer. Do not miss them!

For many, the computer has become the main source of multimedia content playback. The increasingly large monitors and the power offered by these devices make them perfect to play almost any type of content. Not to mention the versatility that portable equipment offers us. So it’s not uncommon that we want to look for good stereo speakers to accompany our computer. Whether for leisure or work, we are sure they are very useful.

However, as with other components, it is not easy to choose speakers for the computer. In the market we have hundreds of models available, with very different prices. What kind of speakers do I need? Which brand is the best? To throw a cable, we wanted to select some of the best stereo speakers of 2018 for computer . Now that Christmas is approaching, it may be a good time to decide.

Bose Companion 20Best Stereo Speakers

Bose is one of the most recognized manufacturers of audio systems worldwide and its catalog does not lack stereo speakers for computers. Among them we wanted to highlight the Bose Companion 20, very elegant speakers, with metallic finish and good sound . It is one of the best stereo speakers of 2018.

They have a slim design, very compact, so we can place them next to any type of computer. In addition, they have the TrueSpace technology, which reproduces a natural and wide sound, in music as well as in games and videos.

Its external control unit includes volume, muffler, headphone jack and auxiliary input. That is, we can also connect any type of music player.

Logitech z313Best Stereo Speakers

We started strong with a model that we could place in the high range. So we are going to time with a much cheaper system, but with a great value for money.

We speak of the Logitech Z313, a 2.1 speaker system that offers balanced acoustics and provides enhanced bass thanks to the subwoofer that accompanies the set.

These two small speakers have a power of 25 watts RMS, enough to fill a medium room. They have a 3.5 mm input that will allow us to connect any audio player, as well as a headphone jack. All this in a control with a cable that we can place where we want. It is one of the best stereo speakers of 2018.

M-Audio Av42Best Stereo Speakers

We are now going with a more professional model. The  M-Audio AV42 are desktop monitors for professional audiovisual creation. But, despite this definition, it may scare some, they are good stereo speakers for video games, watch videos and listen to music.

They combine four-inch polypropylene speakers coated with 1-inch tweeters of refrigerated ferrofluid silk. They have a robust construction, which ensures greater durability.

They also have multiple connection options. On its rear panel, we have RCA inputs that allow us to connect them with any Hi-Fi system. It also has a headphone output on its front panel, as well as auxiliary inputs that allow you to connect different audio sources.

We can get the  M-Audio AV42 with a price of around 100 euros.

Klipsch R-14pmBest Stereo Speakers

We raise again a step (or two) to talk about high-end stereo speakers for the most demanding users. The  Klipsch R-14PM are self-amplifying monitors designed to get great sound in any application. We can use them with the computer, the TV, a HiFi device and even as Bluetooth speakers.

Each loudspeaker includes a dia “aluminum diaphragm compression driver with a square 90 ° x 90 ° Tractrix speaker and a magnetically shielded 4” copper winding woofer. They offer a power of 80W and, as we said, have Bluetooth wireless technology with aptX.

But, in addition to wireless connectivity, they have been designed to be able to connect them to any equipment. They have analog RCA / 3.5 mm line inputs, USB and optical digital inputs, subwoofer output and even an internal phono preamp with ground connection.

Bose Companion 2 Series IIIBest Stereo Speakers

And we finished our selection with another Bose model, this time a little cheaper. They are the Bose Companion 2 Series III, a speaker system with great sound and a balanced price.

These compact speakers are designed to provide a good sound to any computer. Its digital signal processing produces a clear and nuanced sound at any volume. In addition, thanks to the box design with speaker ports, we will have a deeper bass sound.

This time the volume control and the headphone jack is on the right speaker. We also have an auxiliary input, which will allow us to use the speakers with any mobile, tablet or external audio player.

And here’s our short selection of the best stereo speakers of 2018 for computers. We have tried to put from cheap speakers to high-end models, perfect for users who seek to go a little further or need a more professional treatment. Which one do you stay with?

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