What types of racking systems do factories use?

If you’re looking to maximise your warehouse’s storage capacity, using pallet racks is the way to go.

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They work by incorporating individual pallets made of either wood or plastic into larger racking systems that house shelves sitting across multiple levels.

There are several different systems from which to choose, depending on your needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common pallet racking structures available today. Some can be found at specialists in shelving Ireland such as https://www.rackzone.ie/shelving/industrial-residential-shelving.

Cantilever racking

This is a system to store long goods such as steel rods, piping and lengths of wood and timber. The racking is designed to store lengthy and bulky items and is made up of long arms that protrude from a metal structure. Cantilever racking does not feature a front column, meaning that there is more space available for storage and easier access.

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Push-back racking

Perfect for high-density and multiple product storage, according to https://www.thomasnet.com/articles/materials-handling/common-types-pallet-racks, this type of racking comes in roll form with a rotation that is last-in, first-out. These pallet racks are capable of storing products that run up to five pallets deep and normally measure up to several levels high. When a new pallet is loaded onto the structure, it pushes back the next pallet onto rails, where it then rests. The structures normally feature sliding carts and inclined rails and often come with double lanes.

Selective Racking

This is one of the more popular systems used as it allows for pallets to be taken from the aisle of the structure. The easiest to install of all the pallet racking types, selective racking can be built to pretty much any size wanted. Beams act as the support systems for the pallets.

Drive-through racks

Capable of high-density storage of goods, these systems are normally constructed from steel and have space where forklifts can move in to access the pallets. Items in this system are normally stored last-in, first out, so it is suitable for non-perishable items as storage is not easily accessible.

Flow racks

Also known as gravity flow racks, flow racks are great for high-density storage. They employ a first-in, first-out system for loading. As the products are stacked, the rotation system becomes automatic due to the flow of the racks.

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