A Brief History of Brexit

Brexit was one of the most divisive situations that the UK has faced in many years. Following years of campaigning by anti-EU parties and individuals, the mood in Britain was one of dissatisfaction with the membership of the Europeans Union, and therefore it was agreed by the Prime Minister at the time, David Cameron, that there was to be a referendum held to let the whole country have a say in what they wanted to happen.

What then followed was campaigning on both sides of the argument, as both wanted to get their point across, with many people feeling passionately one way or another about the decision to leave or remain in the EU.

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In June 2016, the referendum was held, and although the results were close, the leave campaign was the winner, with 52% of the votes. This was a huge shock to many people, who had thought that despite the large amount of support for the leave campaign, that remain would emerge as the winner.

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It seemed that a bitter divide had then formed down the country, pitting those on one side against those on the other, and as tensions ran high, politics seemed to be falling into turmoil.

Although there were many who fought hard to hold a second referendum, such as former Labour party advisor Alastair Campbell, and other campaigns run by political parties, this was not to be and Britain formally left the EU early in 2020.

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