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5 gadgets to take the best pet selfie

To facilitate your work by taking a pet selfie and participating in #SelfiePetDay, Metro presents the best gadgets for pet selfies
Taking a selfie can be very easy, but taking a pet selfie can become a daunting task if you do not have the right tools. To facilitate your work by taking a selfie with your pet and participate in the #SelfiePetDay, Metro / Publimetro presents the best gadgets for pet selfies

Gadgets to take the best pet selfie

Woofiebest pet selfie

Taking selfies with your pet will be much easier with this small device that easily connects to your smartphone or tablet and works with most of your pet’s favorite treats. Just stick the bottom of the Woofie to your mobile device and put a treat on the other to catch the attention of your pet.

Poch Selfiebest pet selfie

We all know that dogs love balls and cannot stop observing them or playing with them. Taking into account the fascination of dogs for that toy was created the Poch Selfie, a smartphone accessory in the form of a ball, which will surely attract the attention of your pet while you take the picture.

Quik Pod Pet Selfie Stickbest pet selfie

This is one of the accessories for more advanced pet selfies on the market since, in addition to having a space to put a treat, it allows the user to control the camera remotely with Bluetooth technology and converts any surface into an instant photo booth for pets.

Yeefantbest pet selfie

This accessory is also very useful when it comes to obtaining a self-portrait with your pet, since it is easy to place almost on any smartphone, it has a space for your favorite toy or pet and also has a flexible ‘arm’ for that you get your pet to look in different directions.

Sweets Shooterbest pet selfie

With this accessories, you can have fun as well as take the perfect selfie with your beloved pet, because it has a candy launcher to attract the attention of your pet and reward it. It works very simply. Connect the accessory to your smartphone, show your pet your favorite candy and put it on the spoon, once the picture is taken you shoot the candy to your pet to thank him.

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