How to organize a book club

Book clubs have become very popular among fans of literature, because they are a perfect excuse to meet and talk about books and, of course, to read them beforehand. There are thematic book clubs, in other languages ​​or that follow a single author. The important thing is to read and enjoy that reading in a shared way. If you are thinking of creating one, keep reading.

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

The most important thing in a book club is the readers. You must gather a group of people who like to read and who are willing to meet the reading deadlines set.

Step: 2

Then you must find a place for your meetings. If you are few or you know each other, maybe you can meet to talk about what you read at home. If not, public places like a coffee shop or library may be the best option. Many libraries and bookstores organize their own book club.

Step: 3

You already know who you are and where you are going to meet, so now it’s time to choose the book you will read. It is very important that you establish at first the type of book club you want to be and the type of books you are going to read. Not all readers have the same tastes, so it is necessary to know what you are going to get into before joining it.

Step: 4

Some ideas for the theme of your book club can be the contemporary novel, the work of an author, a specific genre such as a historical novel, a romantic novel or the mystery novel, or a specific piece of literature. A book club is also a great excuse to be more daring and adventurous when it comes to reading and discovering new things.

Step: 5

It is also very important to set dates and deadlines. Remember that you get together to enjoy reading, but you still need to know when you are going to do it to organize and read on time. There are weekly and monthly book clubs that cater to different reading speeds.

Step: 6

Once you meet, everyone needs to have read the book. Watching the movie doesn’t count. Propose topics for discussion about the story and animate the conversation with specific questions. What did you think of the ending? o How do you think the characters should have behaved? They are options that always play.

Step: 7

All participants must participate, so none of the readers should monopolize the discussion.

Step: 8

Finally, before you break up the book club meeting, set the date and title of the next appointment.

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