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What should I keep in mind before resetting android phone?

A perfect idea to improve the performance of our smartphone and in turn to improve battery performance is to reset the smartphone to its factory values. Something that will cause the phone to be shown in the same way we bought it on the first day, without data, without applications. 

Things to keep in mind before resetting android phone

Things to keep in mind

Before carrying out this process, it is important to take certain precautions, because otherwise we may find ourselves with some surprise or having lost something we did not want to lose. So, here are a few tips to keep in mind before resetting android phone.

Check the backup copies of WhatsApp: And so make sure that they have been done without problems and that we can restore them as soon as we reconfigure the phone. Some google keyboard tricks that you should know.

Check that the photos are on the SD card (if we use it): This way we will keep them safe from this process, and we will not lose them.

Make copies of data that are not in the SD: For example, the downloads folder (Downloads) or screenshots (Screenshots) are usually stored in the phone, and we will lose them if we do not put them to safety.

Back up applications and their configurations: Such as games, keyboards that predict our sentences or similar.

Pay special attention to 2FA applications: Since we have this type of application installed, unless we have a copy of the QR codes or similar, we will lose access to them when reconfiguring them and therefore we will lose access to the page or service that asks for it.

Check that the contacts are in Gmail: To be able to restore them as soon as we start the phone.

Unlink our Gmail account before resetting: To avoid future problems when starting the phone where we are asked for an extra validation to start, and we can not meet this requirement. Charge the phone to the maximum AND keep the charger connected during the whole process.

Take screenshots of our applications and desktop settings: This will make it much easier for us to leave everything the same way it was.

Have a WiFi: Since the reset process will require downloading a large number of applications and data.

As you can see, some tips are obvious. Nobody escapes, but others are really interesting to consider. Such as paying attention to 2FA, reviewing what data is in the SD and what data on the phone or everything related to Gmail ( Contacts, link to accounts, etc.) Therefore, if you are thinking of carrying out this process, do not hesitate to take our advice into account so that the process is the best and fastest possible.

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