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12 original ideas to have an unforgettable drinks bar

Unforgettable drinks bar Between your reception and marriage party there is a key element that will determine your triumph before your dear guests and is, your bar drinks. We invite you to discover the ideas behind them to turn them into the most original.

The guests of a wedding prepare well in advance their party dresses for what will be the great day of the couple. And accordingly, the future spouses will do everything in their power to make everything perfect. From the design of invitation parties , that your decoration for marriage is impeccable, the souvenirs, the buffet and the drinks bars. In the nuptial field, styles that impact even in the way in which liquors are served and presented at weddings are emerging. Find out today what it is about and how to turn your bar into the most memorable one.

#1. Decoration in the drinks bar

unforgettable drinks bar

Deciding to place a bar of drinks is to step forward in the face of the latest trends of receptions and wedding parties, but the thing is not there. This should go in perfect harmony with your marriage on the beach , shabby chic or without losing that romantic air that should envelop every wedding. A brief review would not forget the presence of flowers, foliage and candles , regardless of style. For the most inclined for the rustic objects of wood, metal, glass. Neon lights and white modular ones will be something more elegant and minimalist.

#2. Self-service and multiple ways to adapt it to your style

best unforgettable drinks bar

A self-service bar has to be fed constantly. They can implement one for beers and another one for non-alcoholic liquids, the preferred ones of marriages in the field . But with a little imagination they can be included without problems in industrial weddings in which they should  look for recipients according to the style , such as metal. For the hipsters or  vintage,  the drawers, pots,  buckets or wooden trunks have a presentation according to the most casual profile, but at the same time cozy .

#3. Slates: hobo and rustic effect on your bar

Another of the great secrets open with the marriage bars is that they aim to recreate a mini bar, as far as possible. But with that personal touch of the couple and in tune with the style of their wedding. And since the black slates are the undisputed symbol of every tavern, it is the most colorful and contemporary type of decoration that can be given to yours and shows a button.

#4. Do not miss craft beers

best drinks bar

Craft beers are a trend wherever they go. If the budget allows, do not hesitate to place at least 3 varieties, ideal 4 or 5. Place them in metal buckets or buckets as a self-service bar. They will not need anything else to make their guests happy. In the same way they  can be added to your conventional beverage bar as decoration , since these usually have bottles with colorful or very special labels.


#5. The giant letters and their retro air

Above all, the bride and groom looking for a vintage wedding decoration should consider those giant letters in their drinks bar . It will give you that seventies look we know, adore and give you that vintage spirit so fashionable. For nothing, forget the white lights online.

#6. The colorful non-alcoholic drinks and their decorative impact

the drinks bar

You always think of champagne, wine, whiskey, vodka, rum, and of course disco, but bars and drinks do not have to have alcohol alone. In addition to soft drinks and water,  there is a whole range of possibilities behind fruity cocktails ,  mock tails , juices with sparkling water, original lemonades and the famous  frozen . The wonderful thing is that these colorful drinks thanks to the fruits can be placed in fun jars, bottles, jars or bottles that will give that unique touch to the decoration of your bar. Very attractive to the eye and ideal to satisfy all types of thirst.

#7. The lighting of the bar

Coupling a romantic beverage bar to a wedding decoration that is elegant, can generate some headaches if lighting is not indicated. This should be intense enough to allow your bartender to work and at the same time not break with the rest of their spaces. The warm or yellow lights are welcome in all bars except elegant in which the light is colder or white.

#8. Mobile drinks bar

top drinks bar

Give your bar a little movement is another of the great attractions behind them. Small cars that spin around their reception assorted refreshing drinks. Beers, wines, sparkling wines and cocktails may be served on the spot.

#9. Spirits and not brand Peru

If you are thinking of showing off with the delights of Peruvian cuisine, you can not miss the disco sour, Chicano and gastrointestinal in your marriage. But also other drinks and cocktails derived as the girl of hora, macerated coca, Chihuahua, coachload, or caching, with which you can prepare delicious and refreshing cocktails if accompanied by exotic fruits, sweet and sour. The chichi Moravia and the soft drinks of Jinnah and passion fruit are not to be missed. The decoration of Creole / Andean type in the bars should fit with the rest of its elements . White tablecloths and striking Andean looms. The colorful and delicate Gerber can not be absent in their floral arrangements for wedding.

#10. Emollient type bar

the drinks bar

A few years ago the street emollient became fashionable and since then nobody has taken his place. It is striking by itself, in addition you can prepare delicious emolientero cocktails that are attractive to the palate of locals and strangers such as emolienetini , emollient sour or mojito emolientero.

#11. Miniature snacks

Their mock tails , sangria of tropical fruits, blushing bride , wines, sparkling wines, beers and chilcanos can be accompanied with small salty snacks to snack on. Mini sanguchitos, triples and empanaditas. The fruits in the decoration have already become somewhat extended , but also place them in fountains in the bars.

#12. Customize your glasses and bottles

a drinks bar

The glasses for wedding glass or plastic are trend . The same goes for craft beers, which by communicating to your supplier can add some adhesive and turn it into a unique souvenir for your big day. It will add that personal touch that we talked about will be necessary to have an unforgettable bar of drinks.

Because to be original you just have to know how to dig and risk. As they did to find those personalized marriage parties , it will happen with their drinks bar if they know how to apply these ideas. Your guests, who at this point should be looking for models of party dresses , will never forget it.

Finally, the most purchased drinks from bars derive from some simple recipes with tequila, gin, rum or vodka. It is said that if a bartender can make a margarita, daiquiri, a pita cola and a martini, he should be able to make almost any cocktail drink requested.

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