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Top 8 ways to wear women white pants in winter!

Women white pants- As I mentioned in a previous post, white is a color that is not usually associated with winter. When the weather is cold automatically ( and reflexively ), we think of black sweaters, pants, or brown coats. Investigating a bit I found that black is a color that absorbs solar radiation , keeping warm and sheltering us a little when the sun comes up. The white linen – on the contrary – reflects all the light that comes to him, resulting more comfortable and fresh. That’s why we use it in summer.

Whether straight, skinny or palazzo, the women  white pants are the protagonists of the most incredible street style looks and have been integrated in glory and majesty in the winter language. How to combine and succeed with this must have season?

However, we should not omit this color completely in our winter wardrobe, because as we know white is a very elegant color and has a very special wave ( at least for me ). It is also very comfortable for both warm and cold skin. It is also super abominable. So today I want to show you some ways to wear white trousers at this time of the year, taking as starting point some pieces of trend.

Best 8 ways to wear women white pants in winter

women white pants in winter

#1. The first option is to wear a monochromatic look , that is to say a total white. We must be careful when choosing this option, so as not to fall into excesses and be as subtle as possible. My recommendation is to choose a sweater of wool or yarn up to half a hip. With this option we can lengthen our figure, but if we have very prominent hips or the figure in the shape of a pear, it is best to use a blouse / sweater / polo that covers that area. Use it with high heels in nude tones or a strong color. Even some with pattern would lift the outfit a lot .

#2. The Black & White never fails and in this case better than a leather jacket to give character to the look. This option is very versatile since you can combine it with super high heels, leather boots or loafers for a more relaxed look as we see in the photo. I loved this idea !!!

#3. And if we put on a sweater of a vibrant color? A different alternative, no doubt is a cashmere sweater in a striking color like yellow ( or even fuchsia, electric blue or orange ). The accessories in this case should be of a shade that goes within the range of colors of the upper garment. If the sweater is yellow, the accessories should be in earth or nude tones.

best women white pants in winter!

#4. You can not miss the Stripes trend in this post. And is that a striped sweater combines with everything! The accessories can even be of a totally different tone to break the visual balance or even have a second print inside the outfit . It’s super, do not you think?

#5. An animal print blouse  combined with women white pants and stilettos or pumps is  an option that can be worn even for the office. In addition they will look super different from the rest of mortals. #6. Another super in option is the mixture of white with pastel colors . A wool sweater in baby blue ( or even pink ) for the most romantic.

We continue with the same idea of ​​pastel shades and this time I chose an oversize coat in pink, so that you have a more precise idea of ​​what I’m talking about. The accessories in nude tones. Does not it seem cute?

top women white pants in winter

#7. I wanted to leave a garment with a very winter print: the paintings  ( a print we see a lot in ponchos, shirts and capes ) and a trend color: Burgundy. ( ideal for this time of year ). The mix of everything is spectacular!

# 8. And the white is a timeless color . Whether winter, summer, autumn or spring, if we have a little creativity we can wear women white pants all year long.

latest women white pants

we always associate white as a color for summer, more when it comes to pants. But now fashionistas from different parts of the world demonstrate the opposite. The street style photographers of the last weeks of fashion registered a consolidated trend, which since last autumn-winter has been appearing on the streets of cities such as Paris, New York, Milan and London, first through total white looks , and now with only one garment.

Women White pants, of all types, became the key to the street style’s favorite girls, and although it seems strange in these parts, it is a tendency to leave the comfort zone without being too eccentric . Accompanied by neutral colors or more autumnal, like earth, they give a touch of light and sophistication for this season and, ultimately, allow us to continue wearing a garment that we usually file until the summer.

Finally, When we think about buying a women white pants we automatically move to spring or summer, normally. But it is a garment that we can also use in winter and that can be the essential piece of an original outfit and full of light. In this article we tell you how to wear it, but today we’re going to show you that you do not have to wait until it’s warm to get your white pants out of the closet.

Bet on a chic styling and choose white wide leg pants. If you are more of the casual style of everyday life, your choice would be white jeans, but if you are more elegant, decide for a pincers or Chinese type. Do not forget that if you find the right combination and choose good winter accessories, women white pants will be a safe bet in your style.


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