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10 rules you must follow before wearing white pants

 Wearing white pants-winter has arrived, and for many of us it means finally dusted off our white pants . If you are ready to go out and show off with your most fashionable looks, then I leave you 10 super important fashion rules that every woman should follow before wearing white pants.

Check that the fabric is not transparent

before wearing white pants

Not all white jeans or pants are made with the best fabrics. Thick jeans can make your underwear transparent, and thinner pants can make even flesh-colored underwear transparent. Do not forget to try them on and check that you do not reveal more than you want.

Do not buy white pants that fit too tight

must follow before wearing white pants

White is an extremely noticeable color, which means that those that are too tight will highlight every part of your body. That is why it is essential that you look for ones that fit well to your body, not too loose or too fair so that you feel comfortable and favor your beautiful body. i do not find ones that fit the ankle, calm! You can always take them to the tailor.

Try to combine them with blouses or tops in light tone.

The white pants make the legs look a little wider, and if you combine with black tops or blouses what you’re doing is make them look even bigger because your trunk will look thinner. Provides and balances wearing light shades above, you can wear completely white looks and if you are wide hips wear light sweaters but a little longer.

Choose the right shoes.

It is not very common to combine them with black shoes. If it is hot season choose neutral colors or a little lighter as nude or coffee. The sandals are ideal. If it’s autumn or winter, opt for camel colored ankle boots to maintain a fresh look. If you want to wear black, choose sandals.

Do not wash your white jeans so often.

They can become disperse if you put them constantly to the washing machine and transformed into pearl pants. Check out this guide to wash clothes without chemicals and thus be able to have your pants impeccable.

Do not wear them with colorful underwear.

DO NOT! Never do it. Although the fabric is very thick, pink panties will be visible from a distance. Choose to wear skin-colored underwear or thongs, but do not forget to check the next item.

If you are going to wear a thong, be careful not to over mark your gluts … or your thong.

A lot happens to us. We believe that by wearing a thong we can walk freely without worrying about our underwear being marked, but if you read points 1 and 2, then you know that it is very likely that your booties will be marked or your underwear will be seen. Take good care of this point, as it can disadvantage your body and your look severely.

Do not wear white jeans to go out at night

Do not wear white jeans to go out at night.


They do not look so well. The color white is a day color, and if you want to wear it at night, try to make it into a nice dress or pants more arranged. White jeans leave them sleeping at home.

Waters with your period!

You are free to wear any garment you want when you want, but most likely what if you get to have a “little accident” during your period, it is more difficult to hide than if you wear black jeans. If you are going to use them, try to wear a sweater, blouse or long shirt that covers your bottoms.

Do not wearing white pants if you know you will probably dirty them.

Yes, sure they will look beautiful when you go on a picnic with your family, but they will also get dirty too. If you go to a place where you know you can stain your white pants, choose another color or change for printed and fresh clothes.

How to wearing white pants with style

best wearing white pants


Although we have seen them more frequently since last year, we are not all used to wearing them when it is cold. But this fall, they return with more strength, forms and combinations than ever. This is how celebrities wear fashionable white pants .


Before starting the selection, we can not miss the star combination of white pants: a top garment of the same color . The   mono colored looks have starred many trends this year and will continue to maintain its leadership position with this color of pants. Add a more sporty touch with your  favorite Converse .


The most flattering cowboys that you will find are these and, without being white, better. Here are all the keys to take them with style , but remember: integrate them in a total white style for an extra elegance. What do you think if you combine them with some boots, also white?


Proven: the higher the waist, the more stylized you will see your figure. Fortunately for all, the high waist is a trend and you can also find it in white pants. Notice how it accentuates the hips but refines the waist. As we have said, combine it with white top garments for a very elegant uniformity.


What has been said: the high-waited white pants style much more than anybody else. The cut does not matter, they can be wider or narrower.


The most sophisticated are (and will always be) the pinza type and integrated into a working girl look . A matching jacket and you do not need anything else to succeed with your white pants (in and out of the office). Are you a fan of the jacket suit? Take a look at these looks and wear it as an influence .


They contribute to any style a dose of incredible elegance, that’s why it is the perfect garment for the days when we do not know what look to choose to go to the office.


Another way to wear your  look  with white pants to your most elegant side is by adding a trench coat. It does not have to be white too, but have a classic structure to get ‘British’ personality. Although we have to recognize that the style of Blake, all white, is a total success.


A perfect cut with which to combine your gabardine is that of the paper bag pants  . Stylize the waist, are high waist and fall straight but fluid.


If you are going to wear palazzo pants, make it with a top or top part tucked inside. This will give personality to your  outfit  and let you see the most graceful part of the garment: the waist high waist.


Another option that we are seeing more in social networks are this kind of wide, long trousers with a tight waist. They are a good option for your more formal fall events, especially if you combine them with a blouse.


Is there something more palatable and palatable in autumn or winter than a high-necked knit sweater? If your answer is also no, try combining them with your widest white pants to get an  effortless look  of the most beautiful and elegant.


We are some white pants type occur  culotte  to match your favorite jersey point. How about? Fluidity and warmth in the same set.


They have always been associated with important events and we can not think of a better plan than to take them to a wedding. Look at the new ways of going to events of this type, something more avant-garde but respecting the rules of protocol. If it’s a wedding at night, you can wear your white pants calmly. Add a top party garment and solved.


In this case, you will have to try to make them more formal. Bet on the high waist, the weave of some of Pinza and adornments like these golden buttons.


We could not finish this selection of white pants without mentioning a good pair of cigarettes. They are the most popular structure in recent years and, being really frank, they remain unlike any other. You can combine them with everything you can think of, both at halftime and in the cold winter. Add the top garment according to the temperature but do not take off your white skin and you will be right.


No matter how hard they try, it will be difficult to banish the cigarettes from our closet. Especially when we see jeans as clean and beautiful as this long ankle-length white.

Finally, wearing white pants will be your best ally this  Winter 2018-2019 . Gone is the time when this model was reserved for women who liked to wear classic style. Today it is more fashionable than ever and is, above all, thanks to its wide variety of formats. And it is not only of the denim he lives the white pants, now you will find it in multiple fabrics and forms that will make him an indispensable of your wardrobe. In our gallery you will see the keys to combine a white pants and thus be the most modern this fall with your new white pants. Just a tip, if you have to buy some, get yourself a model of high shot, it is essential if you want to follow fashion.

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