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Characteristics of a great work environment in the office

Work is the place where we spend most of the hours of the day, so it is essential to generate a great work  environment in the office.

Working in a great work environment is essential for both the health of the worker and the productivity of the company . According to various studies, most workers prefer a good work environment to a salary increase.  The worker’s performance is closely related to the work environment . Employees who are happy and satisfied with their work are more motivated , more productive and more committed to the company’s goals; and this has a direct impact on the economy of organizations. What are the characteristics of a good work environment? Discover them below.

Clean and pleasant space a great work environment in the office

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The physical location in which workers find themselves influences their well-being . A clean and bright environment is pleasant, while a dark, damp and in dubious hygienic conditions only makes people want to flee as soon as possible.

Respect among colleagues

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Respect, cordiality and camaraderie among the members of a team is key to the great coexistence of a group . It is natural that some conflict may arise, but when this happens the best thing is to quickly resolve the inconveniences between the people affected and not involve anyone else.

That the worker feels valued

Characteristics of a great work environment

People like to be taken into account. Recognize the work and effort the rest achieves that others will feel valued and committed to the company and the team; while a worker who never receives feedback will feel dissatisfied, and this is the biggest cause of staff turnover .

Empathy among colleagues

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Whether you are the boss or an employee, it is good to listen to others when they give you advice to improve the task. If you never accept criticism or contrary opinions, you will be guilty of arrogance and this will create a climate of tension in the office. Likewise, empathy can also be translated into simpler actions, such as having the phone in silence so as not to distract the rest, attending personal calls outside the work space or always using words such as please and thank you , among others.


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Solidarity among colleagues is another way to generate good energy in the office . Labor solidarity is generated when the members feel that they are immersed in a collaborative environment, in which they can lend and receive a place for personal goals as well as for collective ones.

There are opportunities for growth

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There are people who can spend a lifetime doing the same task, but in general all workers will seek to grow in their area . Those employees who do not see a glimpse of growth opportunities will sooner or later begin to lose motivation and lower their dedication to their tasks. And the result of this will be that they want to change jobs in search of new challenges or that they begin to noticeably lower their productivity.

If you are interested in improving the characteristics of a great work environment in your office, here are more five actions that will help you promote it:

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  • Encourage respect first and foremost It is difficult to imagine that all the members of a company are going to get along completely, so it is very important that you promote tolerance , respect and harmony among your staff.
  • Give yourself time to listen to them. With this you will not only get ideas to improve performance in different areas, but you will be able to recognize the problems, the people that detract from your organization and all those elements that hinder the good functioning of the company at its different levels.
  • Appropriately manage crises. When things get difficult in the company, maintaining calm, order and enthusiasm is vital for the work environment. Providing the information that the staff needs, transmitting the messages correctly and showing security in handling the problem, will help the company’s environment.
  • Remember that people like to feel taken into account. If you want to implement a change in a department, ask the workers about it, or if you feel that something is not working as it should, question people about the reasons and ask them to propose solutions.
  • Get close to your employees and earn their trust. Start with simple details, how to thank the people in your team for their work and recognize their successes. These small changes, will encourage others to do the same and will feel calm to come to you when they have any questions, new ideas or concerns.
  • Simple changes can make a big difference, satisfied employees are productive employees. Developing a favorable work environment takes time, however, has multiple benefits : workers contribute their best performance to the company, solid work teams are created and the company can focus better on achieving its goals.

Finally, experts in Human Resources coincide in stating that, in order for business organizations of any size to progress, it is essential to generate characteristics of a great work environment in the office. For this reason, it is vital that the work environment be pleasant and stimulating for all.

A great work environment contributes to have a more productive team and committed to the company, more satisfied customers and therefore, happier people. In this sense, work climate studies conducted by the company Hay Group Insight , show that workers highly involved with your organization can improve business performance by up to 30 percent and are more than twice as likely to exceed performance expectations than his colleagues without any commitment.

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