These Are The 10 Best Gifts For Communions

These Are The 10 Best Gifts For Communions

Choosing the ideal gift for children celebrating their first communion can be complicated. For this reason, we bring you the 10 best gifts for communions. Among these ideas, you will surely find what to buy from the little one who invited you to join him on this special day.

Choose between traditional or technological gifts

May not only bring good weather, but also the season of communions. For children, this is a special moment, which they look forward to. They have been preparing for this day and hope to have their loved ones by their side.

The way in which this sacrament is celebrated has changed in recent years. After the Eucharist, the family meets and sometimes they invest a lot of money for the celebration. The children, on the other hand, expect to receive gifts from the guests. Personalized gifts for the first communion.

These Are The 10 Best Gifts For Communions

That’s when the question arises about what is given for a communion. Choosing the most appropriate detail is sometimes not a simple task. Children are between 8 and 10 years old, an age in which they are very clear about what they like, grow fast and are familiar with technology. These are three aspects that you must bear in mind when choosing the gift.

You can opt for traditional gifts that include medals, watches, bracelets, books and even bicycles. The medallions of communion, for example, you find in many models and materials. And they can even be personalized with the communicant’s name. It is an appropriate detail for the occasion and that will surely last a long time.

But, as we said, children nowadays like technology and are familiar with these devices. So this is an option that is on the table. If you want to give technology in the first communion, these are some alternatives:

  • Digital cameras
  • Tablets and electronic books.
  • 3D printers for children.
  • Drones.
  • Video game consoles.
  • Hoverboard.

If you do not know well the tastes of the boy or girl, consult with your parents. Especially, if you are going to invest in a technological gift, this way you ensure that you appreciate the gift and that you do not have an equal gift.

The other option would be to give them money. But, as you will see below, there are many ideas among which you can choose.

What are the 10 best gifts for communions?

In the following paragraphs, we will give you that you can give as a gift a communion to a girl or boy. These are details that you will surely like, they will be very useful and the majority fits your budget.

1. Sets for boys and girls

Clothing is part of traditional gifts, it is appropriate to give something to wear for this occasion. You can take advantage of the change of climate to give them some clothes that adjust to the new temperatures.

These Are The 10 Best Gifts For Communions

You can buy a set or choose pieces separately to assemble it yourself. For example, for a child, Bermuda shorts with a T-shirt would be ideal. You have many options among which you can choose. Ask parents if they have a favorite theme and buy a shirt that goes with that theme.

In the case of girls, you can choose a skirt or shorts, with a shirt or blouse to match. The idea is that you choose clothes that are cool and comfortable for them to wear if they are in trouble for the next few months.

Complete the set with some sandals or sandals for children. They are comfortable footwear and they can wear without socks to stay cool.

2. Sportswear

We continue with the theme of clothing, but this time we refer to sports. The children are very active, they like to do sports, to be outdoors and they are always immersed in some activity.

The right sportswear will allow them to move comfortably wherever they are and participate in their favorite activities.

You can even give them the clothing of their favorite soccer team. Take advantage of this year’s Russia 2018 World Cup and give him the uniform of Spain to support the national team.

3. Sports accessories

In addition to clothing, sports accessories are very good gifts for the first communion. In this case, it is different what you can give a child to an adult athlete. Among the most recommended options are reusable water bottles, microfiber towels, and backpacks to keep your belongings while you train.

These Are The 10 Best Gifts For Communions

Other types of accessories will depend on the sport you practice. If you swim you can include protective goggles and hats. And if you like football a pair of calf protectors. Personalize them to give them an even more special touch.

If the boy or girl likes sports but does not practice it, you also have different alternatives. You will find all kinds of accessories for your team or your favorite athlete: key rings, scarves, hats, shirts, bags, bedding and more.

4. Jewels

Among the personalized gifts for communions, jewelry has a special place. As mentioned above, it is a classic to give medals on this special day. You can send to record the name of the boy or girl.

In addition, you will find bracelets, necklaces, and rings that also have reasons for the first communion.

5. Clothing for after the Eucharist

For the moment of receiving communion, the children will have chosen elegant clothes, suitable for the occasion. But, many times it becomes heavy to have a lot of time during the celebration.

These Are The 10 Best Gifts For Communions

If you have confidence with the parents, talk to them and tell them that you would like to give them the clothes they will wear after leaving the church and for the respective family photographs. Choose something comfortable and suitable for the occasion. For girls, for example, a monkey would be appropriate or maybe a Destiny dress.

6. Watches

Clocks are a classic alternative. Many children receive their first watch when making the first communion. Many brands have models for children, which are usually more eye-catching than the adult versions.

In addition, you will find models for boys and girls. You can choose between sports models or more casual, depending on the personality of the child.

7. Footwear for children

If instead of clothes you choose to give away shoes, they will also be much appreciated. As in the previous cases, you will need to find out beforehand the tastes of the boy or girl. In addition, you should also make sure you know the correct size.

These Are The 10 Best Gifts For Communions

As they grow very fast, find out if the store where you buy accepts changes. So if there is a problem with the size you can go then to find some that remain.

You can choose some sneakers such as Converse or Adidas Superstar. They are two classics that most like. They also serve both girls and boys.

Girls, like any woman, love shoes. Therefore, among the gifts for the first communion do not discard sandals or dancers. These with part of the essential items in the girls’ closet.

8. Swimwear, caps, and accessories for the beach

Spring is just beginning to feel and we want summer to come. Give away accessories and items for the beach and give them a preview of what the holidays will be like, which are getting closer and closer.

These Are The 10 Best Gifts For Communions

You have several alternatives to choose from. You can give them a swimsuit, I’m sure they were not fit for the previous year, so it will be very appreciated to have a new one. It is also an original idea to put together a set with a cap or hat and sunglasses to protect themselves, they are at a very flirtatious age.

Another alternative is a backpack to carry everything you need for beach or pool.

9. A Gift Card from your favorite clothing store

If you do not know their tastes well or are afraid that there will be a problem with the size, then buy a gift card for him or her to choose his gift. You set the limit of what you will spend and the little one will select what you need or like the most. It is an alternative in which both will win.

10. Digital cameras or snapshot digital cameras with instant development

And to record, all the special moments from your communion onwards, what better than a camera. Technology makes possible that there is a great variety of these, including models that will be safe in the hands of the most restless children.

These Are The 10 Best Gifts For Communions

You can choose between sports cameras or instant development cameras. The latter has a retro touch, but with the latest technology.

Original communion details

And besides these, there are still many other options among which you can choose for the 2018 communion season.

Personalized gifts are a trend that we have seen for some years now. There are dozens of items that you can dedicate, such as magic cups, time capsules, colors with the name of the child engraved.

Decks of cards, puzzles, stories, and personalized songs. Just to name a few of the alternatives you’ll find in the market. Any of these ideas will be an original gift and you will be sure that no one else will give you another.

Do you agree that these are the 10 best gifts for communions? Tell us what else you would add to the list.

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