How To Make Roses From Maple Leaves In Your Own Hands

How To Make Roses From Maple Leaves In Your Own Hands

Autumn is not the time to be sad! In this truly magical time of the year, there are so many bright colors around, from rich yellow to deep red. The bushes and trees seem to flare and burn with flames. A riot of colors among all the vegetation stands out autumn maples. The foliage of this tree is so diverse with its shades that it amazes the imagination. Children and adults always strive to capture this bright beauty: they arrange photo shoots near autumn maples, collect herbariums from bright maple leaves, make various crafts.

A distinctive feature of crafts made from natural materials, including flowers from maple leaves, is the absence of additional costs. You do not need to purchase expensive materials in specialized stores or order them on websites – in the work you need only the gifts of nature:

  • flowers;
  • leaves;
  • fruits of trees (chestnuts, acorns, maple seeds);
  • bumps and stuff.

How To Make Roses From Maple Leaves In Your Own Hands

Bouquets of leaves

Original designer bouquets can be made with your own hands from maple leaves. Master florists for the manufacture of such buds use both green and yellowed leaves. The main requirement is only the integrity of the sheet and its freshness.

How To Make Roses From Maple Leaves In Your Own Hands

Exactly how to make roses from fallen maple leaves will be discussed in this article.

Masterclass on making roses from maple leaves

For those who are interested in the idea of creating flowers from autumn leaves, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with step-by-step instructions and recommendations from the master florists.

Procurement of natural material

The first thing to do is to prepare the necessary material. It is best to collect the fallen maple leaves during the day when the foliage is clean and dry, not wet from dew, fog or rain. If, however, it is not possible to collect the material dry, then at home, before starting work, it is worth wiping (getting wet) from both sides each sheet with a dry napkin. Also, for work, choose leaves that are not too dry, otherwise during folding, they may crumble, and it will not be possible to make a pink bud.

How To Make Roses From Maple Leaves In Your Own Hands

Before work, the maple leaves must be sorted: decomposed by color and size. As a rule, in work use sheets of the average size without dark spots and the dried-up tips. For each flower, a material of the same color is selected.

Step-by-step instructions for creating buds

  1. Take the maple leaf and fold it in half so that the front side is on top.
  2. Roll the sheet folded in half into a straw. During folding, try not too tightly tighten the workpiece.
  3. The resulting detail will be the basis for the future of the flower. It is around this tube that the rose petals will be located later.
  4. Take a rolled tube and attach to the sheet, as shown in the photo.
  5. Then fold the sheet back so that the fold line protrudes above the central part of the bud for at least 1 centimeter.
  6. Turn the protruding part out, and wrap the central part with side edges. Thus, the first inner lobe is obtained.
  7. Place the next sheet already on the opposite side of the central part of the bud. All subsequent actions are performed as described above.
  8. If you need a larger rosebud, the number of leaves can be increased.
  9. After the rose reaches the desired size, it should be secured with a thread (adhesive tape). For individual flowers, cut the bottom parts of the sheets and protruding tails from below.
  10. Fasten the rosebud on a wooden skewer, pre-painted with green paint. If you plan to continue to make compositions of bouquets and bouquets, then cutting off the tails of the leaves is not required – the protruding parts are masked by leaves or wrapping paper.

How To Make Roses From Maple Leaves In Your Own Hands

Registration of bouquets from natural material

From a few such flowers, you can make a bouquet or an autumn composition. The compositions of home-made roses, complemented by spikelets, greens and rowan berries, look spectacular. You can place bouquets of natural material in vases and wicker baskets. To fix the roses on the base, you can use a wire or glue gun.

How To Make Roses From Maple Leaves In Your Own Hands

How to keep the attractiveness of a bouquet of leaves

So that individual flowers and a bouquet as a whole retain their attractiveness for a long time (did not change color, did not wither, did not crumble), after the composition process has been completed, the finished crafts should be treated with varnish. Covered with a thin layer of lacquer flowers for a long time will be able to maintain its bright color. Dry varnish will give the buds a beautiful shine and keep them from dust.

In addition to varnish, vegetable oil can be used for coating. Dip a brush into the oil and apply a thin layer on the surface of the bud. When the oil is slightly absorbed, the procedure can be repeated. Roses soaked in sunflower oil for a long time will not dry out and deteriorate, as well as retain a pleasant shine and brightness of colors.

Give the bouquets of roses more expensive and sophisticated look, you can cover each bud with gold or silver paint from a can. When the paint is completely dry, you can safely decorate any room with compositions. These bouquets will be appropriate not only in the living rooms but also in offices.

How To Make Roses From Maple Leaves In Your Own Hands

We hope that the proposed master class on making flowers from maple leaves will awaken the craving for creativity and bring pleasure while working with natural material.

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