Should you move your site to Drupal?

Website migration to an alternative platform isn’t something that should ever be undertaken lightly. Moving a website wholesale to another platform certainly is possible, however, and in many cases, it’s essential.

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Security issues

One of the principal reasons for deciding to move a website across to the Drupal platform is because of a security breach. According to a recent article in Security Week, the problem of hacking is something that shouldn’t be underestimated. They report that approximately 1% of websites are infected with some form of malware every single week, which translates to well over 18 million affected websites. As if that weren’t bad enough, the same report indicates that an average website can expect to be subjected to over 40 attacks every single day.

Flexibility problems

Another frequently-cited reason for migrating a website to Drupal is that of flexibility. Most websites are created on the WordPress platform, but it’s important to remember that this software was created with bloggers in mind. Although plugins are readily available, the platform wasn’t created for building large and complex websites, as many companies quickly discover.

Because Drupal was created by programmers for programmers, it offers endless possibilities for customisation. A knock-on benefit is that it can be used to create truly unique websites that perform exactly as required.

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Using website migration to your advantage

When considering migrating your website to Drupal, preparation is the key to the most successful outcome. You should source a suitable Drupal Design Agency well in advance of your planned move, and discuss your options with them to establish what you are hoping to achieve. All good agencies, such as, will be more than happy to discuss your planned project to ensure that the outcome will live up to your expectations.

This presents you with a valuable opportunity to assess your current website. Decide which aspects are working well and which parts need an upgrade. The more time that you can spend on this process, the better the outcome will be.

Although it’s perfectly possible to complete a wholesale migration to Drupal while retaining your original site’s overall design, most clients find that Drupal offers them unique opportunities to improve various aspects of the site. Extra functionality and features can help to drive your business to the next level.


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