Anything but plain sailing: cruise innovations

You’d think that with a limited amount of space, there’d be a finite amount of new ways that cruise ships can continue to offer inspiring options for passengers. This isn’t necessarily the case though, there are some exciting developments across the globe, and some fabulous innovations out there. Year on year these technologies develop further and new exciting ships become available.

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Spa Suites Par for the Course

It’s not uncommon for cruise ships to offer spa facilities, but it’s less standard to see a liner offer spa facilities as part of their more luxurious suites. This is set to change this year though, with a number of liners now including spa suites in their offerings, alongside other luxury perks.

Luxury Yachts Making a Splash

Though yachts have less capacity, they more than make up for it in wow factor, if some of the facilities are to be believed. From sumptuous suites to expansive lounge areas, newer yachts are truly underlining what it means to offer a first-class experience for ocean-going holidaymakers. You can find some luxury yacht experiences in most coastal countries and could even book an experience day whilst you are staying in your Kas Villa Rental property such as the ones you can book at

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Itineraries Fit for a King

Setting foot on shore is part and parcel of most cruises, but the game has been upped recently, with more extravagant stops and increased frequency of overnight visits to a range of locations. This is making cruises a lot more attractive to travellers wanting to pack in as many places as possible.

Discovery Cruises

Another innovation seen on yacht-sized liners is the inclusion of facilities that allow for deep-sea exploring. From diving equipment to submarines for a fully immersive oceanic experience, this is an exciting new way to look at a holiday on the high seas. To make the most of your travels, be sure to speak to an agent, for the most up-to-date and exciting developments in discovery travel.

Upping the Upper Class Feel

One reason why cruises are so popular is that they appeal to a wide range of travellers, while offering a sense of upper class luxury. This is a theme that will certainly grow, with seven-course feasts and butler services among the new forays into culinary excellence.

We definitely can’t wait to see what else will emerge this year, as cruise liners push the boundaries of what is possible at sea.

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