A safer workplace is one that’s cleaner

A clean work environment is something that every employee wants, but it’s more than simply wiping down the surfaces or adding air fresheners. Clean workplaces are safer for both workers and visitors. Private employers report millions of injuries and illnesses every year. Many of these cases could be avoided by keeping the workplace clean, hygienic, and safe.

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Here are some reasons why a clean workplace is safer:

Avoiding trips, slips and falls

A clean and dry floor will help to reduce the chance of slipping or falling in the workplace. Different cleaners have different benefits. Acidic cleaners work better for removing rust and oxides, whereas alkaline cleaners can be used in food areas. It’s best to hire a professional for the job because some cleaning chemicals are harmful to certain flooring.

To remove dirt and wet from people’s soles, it’s essential to use absorbent flooring such as mats at entrances and exits, for example.

Remove potential hazards such as piles of paperwork and filing, for example. Consider the benefits of Oxford recycling and waste management from Printwaste. Oxford recycling and waste management can take care of your confidential waste processes.

Disinfectants can help to prevent the spread and proliferation of bacteria and viruses.

In a busy workplace, germs can spread quickly. This is especially true during flu season. It’s important to disinfect surfaces using a hospital grade disinfectant.

Air Filtration

Vapours and dust can be harmful to the environment. Proper ventilation is essential to protect employees’ health and reduce the spread of airborne illnesses. HVAC systems should be cleaned regularly to avoid bacterial buildup. Dehumidifying air also reduces pollutants and helps clean the air.

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Keep lighting clean

It is important to clean light fixtures in order to maintain a safe and acceptable light level so that staff can perform their duties effectively. It is important to have good lighting in the stairwells, corridors and other areas of your workplace. This will help prevent accidents and maintain a safe work environment.

Go Green

It is important to select cleaning products that have been certified by environmental organisations. It ensures that they are safe to use around people and the environment. It is also important to stay on top of recycling and waste disposal, keeping the area clutter-free. Waste left lying around can be a trip-hazard and encourage pest infestation. Separating waste in a specific way and using recycling bins that are clearly marked will reduce the spread and help create a healthier workplace.

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