How To Choose A Smartphone

How To Choose A Smartphone?

The average user changes the smartphone every 2-3 years. And this often happens not because his old phone breaks down, but because a lot of new devices come out with improved features, interesting features, and a bright design. Yes, once you choose a smartphone, you can get hooked. After a couple of years, your device will be irrelevant, and to stay afloat, you will have to look for something new.

For everyone who wants to choose a good smartphone, we wrote this article. After reading it, you will know by what parameters you should choose the device and what to look for first. In it, we will explain complex things in simple words, so that even an unintelligible user can clearly understand everything.

Here Some Tips for how to choose a smartphone

How To Choose A Smartphone

Display: we select the optimal resolution and size

The screen is one of the main parts of the phone. To choose a good smartphone, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the display:

  • Nowadays, 5-inch devices and more are popular: everything that is less is considered obsolete. For some users, this size may seem too large, but there’s nothing to be done. Visit the hardware store of your city and look at modern phones: they all have impressive dimensions.
  • As they say, size is not the main thing. Much more important is such a parameter as the display resolution. Almost all modern screens have a resolution of HD, or Full HD, and some – 4K. Resolution refers to the number of pixels per unit area. The more of these pixels, the better the picture quality. Check the quality of the display is simple. Bring the phone closer to your eyes: if you see points on the screen, it means that its quality leaves much to be desired. Ideally, the image should not be distorted.

How To Choose A Smartphone

  • But that’s not all. To choose a good smartphone, you need to pay attention to the matrix. No, we’re not talking about the film with Keanu Reeves in the lead role, but about the screen matrix. In fact, this is the technology by which the display was created. The TN matrix is considered to be rather bad since the image is distorted when viewed from different angles. The IPS matrix is considered optimal: it transmits a bright and contrasting picture, which is perfectly visible from different angles. AMOLED and Super AMOLED are relatively new technologies. They convey a high-quality image and save battery power.

Camera: Are megapixels important?

To choose a good smartphone, be sure to pay attention to the camera, which is in it. Let’s be honest, most young people prefer this or that device only for this parameter. In the age of Instagram and permanent self, you need to keep up with others and take high-quality photos.

How To Choose A Smartphone

Most people have a misconception. They think that the more megapixels in the camera, the better it takes, but it’s not. Megapixels are more of a ploy that marketers lure us into. A smartphone with an 8-megapixel camera can shoot just like a 20-megapixel camera phone: the only difference is that the latter will have more memory space. Much more important are such parameters as aperture, stabilization (optical or digital), matrix diagonal, and so on.

Tip! Every time a new smartphone comes out, users do so-called camera tests. You can visit any forum and see which pictures are taken by the phone you wish to purchase. So you definitely buy what you like. But be careful: some photos and reviews may be fake, so it’s better to visit the hardware store and check the camera of the smartphone yourself.

RAM and device memory: find the middle ground

In order to choose a smartphone that is good in terms of characteristics, one should not overlook such a parameter as memory. There is no need to explain anything: the more space in the device, the more information it can accommodate. A mobile phone that you like is surely sold in several modifications: 16 GB, 32, 64, and so on. The price of each model increases in proportion to the amount of memory.

How To Choose A Smartphone

16 GB – for many, a little. If you plan to take a lot of photos, shoot videos, store a lot of music and movies on your phone, and take a look at phones with 32 GB and more. Do not forget that you can insert memory cards into some devices and thus expand the space, but many smartphones do not have a card slot. Also, do not forget that cloud services are now popular, which means you don’t have to store all the information on your phone.

We now turn to RAM or RAM. To choose a good smartphone, be sure to consider this parameter. To put it in simple terms, RAM is temporary storage for all processes in the phone. We will try to explain. For example, you went to a social network and started flipping through the news feed. Then you open another application without closing social. Network, but the news feed remains in the same place, but not updated: all because the phone remembered the place where you stopped and keeps it in memory. If you open multiple applications at the same time, the tape may reboot, because your smartphone simply will not have enough RAM to support the work of all processes at the same time. Accordingly, the more RAM,

How To Choose A Smartphone

Processor, video card and operating system

If you plan to play games and use resource-intensive applications, you need to choose a smartphone with a good processor and video card. The processor is responsible for performing tasks, and the video processor is responsible for the graphics. Marketers love to focus on the number of cores: they say, our processor has eight cores, so it will cope with any task. But do not believe them blindly: choosing the right chip is not by the number of cores, but by their frequency. In the technical specifications, it is designated Hz or GHz. The higher the core frequency, the faster your phone will work.

There is really nothing complicated. There are many applications (benchmarks) that test the performance of the phones and credit them with points. You can go to any site and see how many points your smartphone scored: the more there are, the better. But here, too, be careful: the test results are often fabricated, so do not be surprised that you will see different values on different portals.

How To Choose A Smartphone

As for the operating system, the market is captured by iOS and Android. Windows Phone is also found, but extremely rare. All Apple devices work on iOS: this OS is popular in the USA, as every second person has an iPhone and/or iPad. In Russia and the CIS countries, the majority of Android, since there are many low-end devices running on this operating system? Look for information on the network about each OS and choose the best one for you. We cannot advise anything concrete since this is a taste.

A battery is one of the most important parts.

If you are planning to choose a smartphone that is good in terms of parameters, be sure to pay attention to the battery capacity when purchasing. It is indicated in mAh. The more mAh, the more your phone will work without recharging. Manufacturers often indicate information in the parameters: they say, our phone works up to 10 hours without recharging, but they cannot be trusted.

How To Choose A Smartphone

You can find out the real time of the smartphone if you use it personally. We also recommend reading user reviews: not all of them will be honest, but you still get to the truth.

Design, brand, etc.

Which smartphone to choose is one of the most popular questions. There are a lot of brands today, so users are confused in their diversity. We will not advise you on specific brands, which design to choose, and so on, because this is just tastes. However, we recommend paying attention to the case material of the smartphone: you will find glass, plastic and metal cases on sale. The stronger your phone is, the higher the likelihood that it will survive several drops and mechanical damage.

How To Choose A Smartphone

Now you know how to choose a good smartphone. We hope that you could fully understand the information from the text and be able to make a profitable purchase. Good luck!

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