How to choose your bridesmaids

Planning a wedding takes a huge amount of organisation and one of the trickiest decisions is how to include everyone and who to give the important jobs to. If you’re lucky, you’ll know right away who your bridesmaids are going to be, as you’ve had this planned since childhood. For others with a multitude of friends and female family members, the decision is not so simple. Here are some ideas:

Work out how many bridesmaids you need

This will depend a great deal on how big your wedding plans are and how formal an occasion it will be. For large gatherings, a good ratio is one bridesmaid per fifty guests. Some prefer to have an equal number of bridesmaids to groomsmen but that’s entirely optional. Consider the size of your chosen venue as well, as you don’t want to overcrowd the space with large numbers of flamboyant bridesmaid dresses! For a Hotel Wedding Venue in Gloucester, visit 

Considering numbers

One thing to note is that there isn’t always strength in numbers. Having a lot of bridesmaids means a lot of dresses, lots of hair to be styled, many pairs of shoes, multiple bouquets and many potential differing opinions on colour, dress style and theme!

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Whilst it might not be ideal, blood remains thicker than water

Unless there are serious family rifts that cannot be avoided, close family should always be asked first. Sisters, step-sisters and sisters-in-law should always be first on the list, as well as a best friend. Once these people have been asked, then you can consider other relatives and friends you’re close with. You most definitely want to avoid hurting feelings and causing feuds.

Remember there are other important roles, aside from bridesmaid that friends and relatives can perform, such as singing, reading, being an usher or handing out service sheets.


A chief bridesmaid will need to provide a lot of help and assistance, so it’s better if they live nearby. They can take on some of the organisation, relieving stress on the couple and help with decisions on venues, dresses, flowers and catering. You’ll want your right-hand lady close by, so consider this when making your choices.

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Chat before announcing

Although most people are thrilled to be a bridesmaid, you should always ask in confidence first before announcing it to the world. Not all those you ask will be able to, even if they really do want to. It could be work commitments, money, a booked holiday or even health reasons preventing them from committing. Always speak to the person first and if there are any stumbling blocks, you can discuss whether these can be overcome. If it’s a commitment they cannot get out of, then you can ask someone else and nobody’s feelings have been hurt.

Announcing your nuptials and bridesmaids is a big, exciting moment, so you’ll want the right people by your side. Having people you can trust and to help will considerably lower your stress levels during this important planning time.




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