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Winter wedding-Winter is always a special time to enjoy as a family and as a couple, that’s why there is nothing better than celebrating a dream wedding. Weddings in this season have a unique touch. In addition to being extremely romantic, getting married in winter gives the opportunity to create an elegant atmosphere, full of sumptuousness and textures.

A very beautiful time of the year to get married, because with it you can establish an incredible atmosphere for your event, evoking the winter in each of the details.

Winter wedding interior or exterior?

best winter wedding

And although, the weddings in a snowy place, between mountains, would be ideal; It is not always possible to hold the celebration there. Therefore you should consider some other options. A ranch, hacienda or even an elegant lounge. Remember that regardless of the type of place you choose, there will always be a way to give it a winter touch.

If you have the option of doing it outdoors, the landscape looks its own beauty. You can complement it with candles and firewood so you will give your guests a little warmth. Also with dried pineapples in golden tones.


Fake fireplaces are available for places that do not have fireplaces or do not allow real fires.

Candles and ice sculptures can be used in centerpieces and details to add to the theme of the winter wedding. The series of lights on the ceiling can also add a winter atmosphere to your wedding.

Choose the place considering the time of year, remember that the night climate is cooler and an outdoor wedding in winter can be uncomfortable for you and your guests. So we recommend you choose a closed place in winter season.

Take into account how close the place is to your guests; or, that it has rooms to offer lodging and in this case, make sure that the reservations are made. A wedding at night usually lasts until dawn, check if you can extend the reservation time in case you want the party to continue.

Why celebrate your wedding in winter

Winter wedding

If there is something that must be clear when it comes to putting a wedding date is that the perfect time does not exist. With the good weather the expenses increase remarkably, the cold makes impossible the outdoor celebrations, in spring it is complicated by rains and allergies of the guests … there is always a “but” that makes it impossible for everything to be idyllic .

Winter is one of the stations that, although it was always relegated to a third or fourth level in terms of the celebration of links, is taking positions vertiginous. The reason? The list of pros is irrefutably long.

To start the budget, which is reduced by up to 40% between the months of November, December, January and February, with respect to the defendants June and September.

Also the calendar plays in favor at winter weddings. The deadlines are shortened , it is no longer necessary to reserve the farm or living room that you like more than a year in advance, nor need more than nine months to make the wedding dress. There are no collapses or excess demands and organizing each of the details becomes a much simpler task.

The weather is the only (and main) fault that can be found in this type of ceremony. Low temperatures, wind or frost complicate outdoor celebrations. But, even this one, against can become pro, or is it not a worthy Interest wedding held in a completely white environment covered by snow?

The most romantic find their perfect atmosphere here. Landscapes that become exclusive, dreamy decoration, perfect light for photographs … characteristics that increase the attractiveness of winter weddings.

Neither does time have to be a headache to the guests in the  choice of looks . For them, the sweat is over to avoid removing the jacket of the suit during the celebration and, for us, opens a wide range of possibilities with dresses of long sleeves, overalls, stoles, boleros, coats … risk and surprise It becomes more accessible.

And to finish deciding, nothing like evaluating the alternatives that offer these dates to the traditional moments of the big day (cocktail bars that are transformed into others that deliver hot chocolate, fans as a gift that are changed by blankets, use of warm colors of those that one tries to avoid in summer, etc), as well as the facility that supposes for the guests to space in these calendar these events … and their consequent expenses. Do you need more reasons to cheer up? To me of course I have already wanted to fall back despite the cold …

Your winter wedding why not ?

the winter wedding

Usually the couple choose to marry in spring or summer , because it is thought that it is the ideal time, with the perfect weather and everything is less complicated. It also influences the fact that it is easier to choose the dress for the guests. However, it is good to know that from October to May it is the low wedding season and you can get “that” dream room, more suppliers, and up to 30% discount on some items.

Many future lovers choose to celebrate in the middle of a park, on a warm night. The couple likes to perform the outdoor ceremony, and the wedding fort is held between May and September , they prefer it because they think that women can feel more comfortable with their clothes, because it is easier to take photos on the air free or because there is a wide range of farms, lounges with large parks and you can do much in open spaces with large gardens and beautiful natural views. But autumn and winter also has its charm and its benefits.

There are couples who want to start the new year together and look for the last dates of December and the first fortnight of January, or choose in winter for the great offers since the weddings go down to 40% “, and that allows a more personalized organization because the number of weddings is minimal and the concern of your organizer will be 100% only for yours and precisely because it is a low season, good prices are handled and, of course, there is greater availability of all services.

As we have seen, through experience, we assure you that, with the heating systems available today, the weather ceased to be an obstacle to think about the celebration. Therefore, in hotels, salons and Incas with closed or tightly heated rooms there would be no major problem with the ambient temperature. In the rest of the cases, the professional organizers have some care so that everything goes well:

 If the event is held in a tent, you have to have a very good heating . It must be very well distributed, so that there are no cold sectors or others in which the source of heat is directed towards the guests. We will also have to think about climate comfort for those who prefer not to dance: as they remain seated. Taking care of these details, the tent gives us the possibility of creating environments not contaminated with the architecture of a room.

Making the celebration in a tent involves much more than putting it together . You have to provide it with everything: prepare the structure, air-condition it, arrange floors and carpets, set it up, add lights and sound, and install a generator set.

In many cases it is customary to build another tent, separately, to use the catering service as a kitchen. In addition, chemical toilets must be added (there are specialized companies that have luxury) carefully analyzing your location so that if it is very cold or raining, the guests are not affected.

It will be essential to enable a large wardrobe , with great storage capacity. There must be more than one person who receives and delivers the garments , to avoid a row or agglomeration.

Regarding the photos, they can be made if there is a suitable place for it, such as a winter garden . To take the images you can think in advance of very funny iconography associated with the cold, like a “winter” background with a romantic background rain , or directly simulating snowflakes using special effects of post-production.

If your celebration is in a hotel or a farm with a closed room, then in these cases you will not have any problem. Just celebrate!

On the catering, you can create a “winter menu” . For example, avoid cold entry and reinforce hot dishes . However, the organizers believe that ice cream as a dessert or in the Candy Bar is timeless and should never be missed.

The bride can wear, in addition to her dress, an elegant cover of skin in raw white or a long white coat that there are beautiful special designs for winter brides.

Places to celebrate a winter wedding

top winter wedding

 Intimate wedding on the mountain

If you want to make an intimate wedding we recommend you to look for a mountain place. A cabin in the middle of a forest or a mountain hotel can be the ideal place for a winter wedding . You can organize a natural wooden altar in front of a snowy mountain with an original arch of green leaves. Many mountain hotels already hold this type of winter wedding in which the protagonists are snow and nature.

The luxury of a castle

If on the other hand you want to organize a wedding with many guests , the ideal place can be a castle . Not only because of its large rooms but also because of the atmosphere that can be created with the stairs , the towers and the chimneys. It could also be an elegant estate enabled to celebrate weddings. In this type of wedding decoration is very important and if you want it to be original you can combine candles, snowballs and pineapples. Try to dominate in the decoration of the room and on the tables of the guests colors like white, silver, gold or blue.

The rustic air of a rural house

If you want a wedding with a moderate number of guests but with a simple and familiar style , the ideal would be to look for a farm or a charming rural house . Surely you will enjoy a cozy place for the best day of your life. These houses usually have a fireplace, a traditional kitchen and that you do need a large room for the celebration. You can find a company that organizes quality caterings based on local products and decorate the room to your liking. In addition in many of these rural houses they have enough rooms where they can sleep the fiancees, the family and even some of the guests.

With sea views

Are you looking to break everything? Then you can organize your wedding in a paradisaical place like any of the Canary Islands where the weather is not so winter. Sea views, lush gardens and the possibility of organizing the outdoor cocktail can be the advantages of celebrating your wedding. In addition, you can organize it so that both you and the guests can spend a few days of spring break in the middle of winter .

The comfort of the city

Celebrate your wedding in a city where you can enjoy in winter the most requested places for these events at unbeatable prices. Hotels, casinos, restaurants or hostels can be great options for a wedding in cities like Madrid, Barcelona or London.

Finally, more and more couples are getting married in the winter months. The magic touch of snow or the romanticism of the season make them choose this season to get married. In addition, if it is celebrated in the winter season it is always easier to reserve the church you want or the best photographer, and it is all cheaper than in other seasons such as spring or summer. For weather reasons, since it can rain, snow or be very cold, a winter wedding must always be held in an indoor space..

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