Exercises To Strengthen Your Back Muscles At Home

Exercises To Strengthen Your Back Muscles At Home

Timely strengthen your back muscles is a guarantee of preserving the health of internal organs and the nervous system. The absence of problems with the spine will help reduce the risk of developing many diseases and even energy exhaustion because muscle weakness can not only cause discomfort but also lead to completely unpredictable consequences: diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, genitals in women, and chronic fatigue and headaches pains.

Exercises To Strengthen Your Back Muscles At Home

The cause of the problem is the design features of the spine. It was formed to be in a horizontal position. The location of the vertebrae of modern man has become vertical as a result of evolutionary processes, because of which the load on the back muscles increased. A sedentary job or a long standing on your feet leads to an even greater aggravation of the situation.

How to strengthen your back muscles at home

Because of a sedentary lifestyle, the spine becomes very vulnerable. However, you can solve back problems at home. There is a mass of effective exercises to strengthen weak muscles, which can be performed at home, without any sports equipment.

Exercises To Strengthen Your Back Muscles At Home

Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back are performed only on an empty stomach, so it is better to refrain from eating 2 hours before a workout. Moreover, experts recommend excluding water during the session, so as not to burden the kidneys and digestive organs. Every movement must be done extremely slowly. This will help women strengthen their back muscles at home and avoid injuries.

Home Preparation

The complex of exercises for strengthening muscles should begin with a good warm-up, preparing the joints for a load, strengthening the cardiovascular system and preventing all sorts of negative consequences. Preparation for training at home should begin with running on the spot. This will speed up the blood flow and warm up the entire body.

Incline you’re lumbar with a high risk of injury. It is possible to warm up the trapezius and latissimus muscles of the back due to circular movements of the shoulders, familiar to all women since high school. After a short warm-up, you can proceed to the very lesson.

Exercises To Strengthen Your Back Muscles At Home

Initial complex to strengthen the back muscles at home

  • Kitty – 20 times. It is necessary to get on all fours, slowly bending and rounding the back. The exercise involves several muscle groups, but the main load falls on the rectifier located along the spine.
  • Swimming on the floor – 20 times. It is necessary to lie down on the stomach, slightly bend the lower back, lifting and straightening the shoulders, to perform movements similar to swimming breaststroke. This exercise allows you to effectively work out the latissimus muscle (the so-called “wings”).
  • Twisting with a touch stop – 30 times. Lying on your back, bend your knees and alternately stretch your fingers to the heels, rolling the body to the left and right. In this exercise, both the back muscles and the side press work, which are responsible for the formation of a beautiful posture and thin waist.
  • The bar is 60 seconds. It is necessary to take a pose, as before push-ups, but instead of palms, it is better to use elbows. In this position, it is important to stand still and breathe deeply.
  • Tower – 60 seconds. Standing, tilt the body forward a little, bend your knees, raise your arms upwards, just like before jumping into the water. Breathe smoothly and deeply.

A simple, but very effective set of exercises to perform at home will allow women to “awaken” the back muscles. However, the human body is prone to adaptation, so after 1-2 months you can complicate the task by increasing the number of repetitions of each exercise or changing the training program.

Exercises To Strengthen Your Back Muscles At Home

A complicated set of exercises for the back muscles

  1. Pull-ups on the crossbar, during which both trapezius and latissimus muscles are involved.
  2. The slopes with the burden. You can use dumbbells, barbells and even bottles with sand or water. It is important that the back remains flat when bending. So you can strengthen not only the rectifier but also pump up the buttocks, which will be useful for every woman.
  3. You can perform the classic version of the exercise or lightweight, but no less effective: lying on your back, bend your knees, lower your arms along the body and slowly lift the buttocks up.

Exercises To Strengthen Your Back Muscles At Home

The above programs to strengthen the back muscles can be alternated. This will avoid addiction, improve the effectiveness of training at home and facilitate the implementation of daily tasks. Regardless of the chosen complex, it is important to complete the classes at home correctly.


  • Tilts to the side – 20 times. Perform the exercise slowly, without tilting the body forward or backward. When tilting, it is better to raise the opposite hand up.
  • Twisting legs – 20 times. Lying on your back, shoulders firmly pressed to the floor, bend your knees and alternately move both legs to the right and left. You can make the task more effective by pulling your hands up.
  • Baby pose – 1 minute. Stand on all fours, lower the buttocks on the heels, elbows, and chest pressed to the floor.

Simple, but very effective workouts at home will help women not only strengthen the muscles of the back and the whole body but also significantly improve their health and shape. But doing at home, you must not forget about posture. Keeping your back straight throughout the day, you can protect yourself from chronic fatigue, the development of any problems with the spine or internal organs in women.

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