Profitable business ideas that have succeeded in the world

We present 7 business ideas that have been successful in the world, and our own cases of startups promoted in Lanzadera.

It is clear that every entrepreneur, when launching their business idea, wants it to be profitable. However, he knows that for this he will have to go through a path of hard work and dedication, in which he will have to pay attention to different factors such as: analyzing the market, and the competition, knowing its trends, detecting the needs of users, obtaining investment … and much more!

All this in a lean environment to generate innovative solutions and quickly validate. Do you know what we’re talking about? Check out the Design Thinking and Lean Startup online course (it’s not just for startups!).

So, whether you have a specific idea in mind, or if you haven’t quite put it into shape, from Lanzadera Business Incubator we present some profitable businesses that have succeeded in different parts of the world and that can inspire you.

Profitable businesses

Moon Sleep

It is a smart mattress cover, developed by a team of American entrepreneurs. When you plug it into the light, it connects to your Smartphone automatically, and from its app, you can control the temperature of the bed at which you want to go to bed. Likewise, its sensors (accelerometers, heart rate sensors and even microphones) can also control your sleep pattern based on your movements and your breathing.

There are business ideas that you would never think could be real, right? However, this one is and… very profitable in the United States! If you feel alone and need a friend nearby, but yours are busy or far away, this American company provides a solution to the problem, since you can… rent it? Yes, that’s right, for the modest price of 10 dollars an hour you will have the company of that friend you need.

Fashion Operandi

This ‘luxury’ online store allows you to order the garments you see on the fashion catwalks even before the firms manufacture them. How? Through its app, you can photograph the garments that most attract your attention when you attend a parade, when they are available on its website you will receive an alert.


Riide is an American company that rents and sells electric bicycles that they design themselves. This wouldn’t be new if it weren’t for the fact that they even have a waiting list since they offer a monthly subscription service for $79, which includes unlimited maintenance and anti-theft insurance.


The Farm 4.0 company has developed Herbot. Herbot allows you to use the power of artificial intelligence so that you can grow your own vegetables. It is a robot that allows anyone in the world to grow their own food regardless of climate, space, or experience. And it is that, through a system controlled by an app, Herbot is in charge of feeding and watering your plants, as well as giving them the necessary light so that they can grow properly.


Dutch Circus has created a subscription model for children’s clothing. Thinking that the little ones grow so fast that their clothes do not pay for themselves, it offers a subscription that gives access to thousands of clothes by paying a monthly fee.


This company aims to reduce the ecological impact of online shopping. Eliminate cardboard from shipments, replacing it with reusable boxes made from recycled materials. It also brings together purchases from different retailers in a single delivery. For customers, it works through an affiliation and a browser extension that notifies if the store has its delivery system.

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