An introduction to the thermal spray process

Thermal spraying is a technique/technology that is used to restore or improve the surface of a material or item. It is commonly used to apply special coatings to items/parts. Adding coatings in this way can add desirable properties to the surface or object, such as resistance (to wear, erosion, corrosion, cavitation, abrasion, or heat), electrical conductivity of insulation, lubricity, and chemical resistance.

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How does it work?

All thermal spraying involves the projection of softened miniscule particles onto a prepared surface. When they are projected at high velocity, these particles stick to the surface and each other to form a number of coating layers.

Thermal spraying is a metallurgically cold process, with virtually no heat imparted onto the substrate, and it is primarily a mechanical bonding process. Coatings of various thicknesses can be applied.


Thermal plasma spray is used in various industries. In manufacturing, it is used on turbines, diesel engines, ball bearings, pumps, and compressors. In the medical industry, it is used to coat medical implants.

It is also used to protect vehicles, buildings and other structures from extreme temperatures, humidity, rain, and corrosion.

Additionally, it can be used to reclaim and re-invigorate moving/rotating parts from all kinds of machines including cars, ships, aircraft, motors, agricultural vehicles, machine tools, and other equipment.

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Thermal plasma spray treatment experts

If you feel that plasma sprayed coatings could benefit your business, there are a number of specialists in this field that can offer advice, guidance, and services. Many of these companies have online resources for your perusal, such as

Thermal spraying is used in many industries. It offers the opportunity to repair and reinvigorate worn or damaged components, to add desirable properties, and to extend the life of new components.

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