How the Greek Golden Visa Program works

Imagine moving to Greece, with its clear blue seas, ancient history, and vibrant culture. The Greek Golden Visa program is a unique way to obtain Greek residency and potential citizenship after a set period of time. Many people within the UK are looking for ways to move to countries such as Greece in retirement, or in some cases even earlier.

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How It Works:

The Greek Golden Visa program is an initiative that invites non-European Union citizens to invest in Greece in exchange for residency rights. By investing €250,000 or more in Greek real estate, you can move to Greece and begin a new, more relaxed way of life. This not only allows you to bask in the splendour of Greece but also grants you access to the Schengen Zone. This helps to make travel through Europe even easier.

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Residency and Beyond:

Upon approval, you’ll receive a residence permit, making Greece your second home. You can enjoy the country’s captivating landscapes, culinary delights, and rich history. You will be able to build yourself a life in Greece and develop relationships within your local communities.

Path to Citizenship:

The Golden Visa Greece program paves the way to Greek citizenship. After maintaining your residency for seven years, meeting specific requirements, and demonstrating a basic knowledge of the Greek language and culture, you’re eligible to apply for Greek citizenship.This then allows you to begin your long term Greek adventure.

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