Balancing your work and life commitments

Getting the right work/life balance is hard. If it was easy, we’d all be content in our lives but many of us do not feel this way but often feel stressed and grumpy. Whilst it might be a challenge, it’s definitely something that should be a priority for improving your business and your personal life. Here are some tips for finding that balance.

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Your work/life balance can suffer due to various reasons including increased work responsibilities, longer hours, increased responsibilities at home and having dependents. Finding the right balance is essential to reduce stress and burnout, improved wellbeing and better health.

The key is to avoid focusing on perfection. It is very rarely the case that you’ll have a super productive day at work and then leave early to spend a wonderful afternoon with family and friends. Life just isn’t like that. Don’t strive for perfection but realism. Some days will be more about work while others will give you more time to spend relaxing. Balance does not have to be achieved in just one day but occurs over time.

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Loving what you do goes a long way toward finding that balance. When you do a job that you hate, you’ll never feel happy whatever the work/life balance. The ultimate dream is to have a job that you love so much, you’d do it for free. If you dread the alarm going off in the morning, it might be time to look for something else.

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The ability to switch off to unwind is also very important. Nobody can work 24/7 and those that try will suffer burnout. When travelling or on weekends and evenings, don’t be tempted to check work emails, reply to queries or continue working on projects. Turn off work devices and do something else instead. This way, you’ll feel more energised when you do return to work.

Whilst your job or business is undoubtedly important to you, be sure to make time for family, friends and fun activities. Make firm plans and stick to them, switching off from work distractions. It is crucial to set work boundaries and work hours. Outside of these times are for you and those you love.

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