Great reasons to consider plumbing as a career

If you’re keen on a career where you get to solve problems, meet people and use your ingenuity and creativity, plumbing could be the right choice for you. It’s not all taps and toilets – you can work on an exciting range of projects and even start your own business. Read on for more great reasons why you should consider plumbing as a career.

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Social interaction

If you don’t want to be stuck behind a desk all day, plumbing is a great choice of career. You’ll spend your days meeting new clients and solving their problems. If you’re an outgoing and friendly person, good customer service can also generate new business.

Opportunities for job satisfaction

With the UK government committed to building hundreds of thousands of new homes every year, there are plenty of opportunities around for qualified plumbers. Now more than ever, good quality plumbing and sanitation are key to good health so along with your varied and interesting job you’ll enjoy huge job satisfaction.

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Be your own boss

If you’re keen to get your own business off the ground, plumbing is perfect for following an entrepreneurial path. Once you’ve gained the experience to set up on your own you can determine what jobs you take, what hours you work and how much you want to charge.

If you need flexibility because of family commitments or you just want to be your own boss, plumbing is a great fit. And you can even continue your training and qualifications as your business expands.

Working with mind and body

Plumbing isn’t just about having the physical grunt to get those copper pipe fittings into place. Whether you work alone or for a plumbing firm like Watkins and Powis, you’ll have the opportunity to analyse plumbing problems and come up with innovative solutions, keeping your mind sharp and your body fit and active.

Earn while you learn

Whether you’re starting from scratch or changing your career, a plumbing apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to earn while you learn. So you’ll jump straight into the practical side of the job while also earning an academic qualification.

Save on your bills

It might not be the number one reason for becoming a plumber, but once you qualify you’ll save money on your plumbing bills by using your own skills when things go wrong!

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