Cotton Candy At Home - A Recipe

Cotton Candy At Home – A Recipe

How to make cotton candy at home? You do not have a special car? Is it possible? Of course. A sweet and airy delicacy will be no worse than what can be purchased in parks and shops.

The preparation will require the simplest ingredients:

  • 3 kg of sugar;
  • 100 ml of pure water;
  • 5 tsp vinegar;
  • To taste, you can use food coloring, and you can do without it.

Cotton Candy At Home - A Recipe

Cooking process of how to make cotton candy at home?

To prepare an amazing and airy dessert, not only for children but also for adults, it is necessary to carefully observe the preparation recipe. Despite the fact that it is quite simple, changing the sequence can lead to the fact that the pomp and airiness of the finished product will be lost. How to make cotton candy at home without using special equipment? You will need simple kitchen accessories: a stove and a desire to try a delicious and extremely simple delicacy.

  • We start making cotton candy at home by preparing the main source of the product. Begin to cook sugar syrup. To do this, mix a measured sugar in a convenient bowl, add liquids (water, vinegar) and set the mixture on the fire.
  • In the process of heating carefully, gently and constantly mix the sugar composition, for this we use a wooden spoon or spatula.
  • For uniform heating of the syrup perform several cycles of cooling and heating of the syrup. It is necessary that as a result of making cotton candy at home, the resulting dessert does not have an unpleasant rubbery texture, but has an airy and fluffy structure. A properly cooked syrup is a pledge of the delicate and light structure of the cotton wool at the exit.
  • Alternate heating and cooling of the syrup are repeated at least 4 times.
  • To make data a bright color, food dyes are added to the syrup. It can not be used, then the sweet air dessert will turn white shade.
  • In order to get wool, use a special whisk. It is dipped in syrup to gently wrap it around a wooden stick, which will serve as the handle of the finished dessert.
  • In a special machine, the process of making cotton does not require special skills. You can make dessert in any volume. It depends on the amount of the original syrup, so the standard portion size does not exist. It all depends on your imagination and inspiration.

Cotton Candy At Home - A Recipe

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