How Should Confidential Waste Be Disposed Of

Confidential waste is anything that can lead to an individual being identified or information about their financial, medical or educational background leading to the potential for blackmail, identity theft and fraud taking place. There are some businesses that will have higher risk documentation such as GPs, doctors, dentists, financial advisers, schools and other care facilities. It is important that any confidential data and information is disposed of in the right way and this is something that a Confidential Waste Disposal Swindon company such as can help with.

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Here are some brief guidelines that you can follow to help ensure that your confidential information is disposed of carefully.

  • Make sure that you have some strict rules around what information can be thrown away and what information needs to either be securely shredded or need to be packaged ready for companies like the ones mentioned above to collect.
  • Safely store your confidential waste until such time as it is shredded or removed.

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  • If you use USBs or CDs to store information make sure that they are wiped or destroyed completely when the information is no longer needed.
  • When employees hand in their notice, make sure that you remove their rights to be able to access sensitive information and arrange for any laptops and files that they use to either be destroyed or moved over to other employee access.

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