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What is it about travel that we love so much? We live in a generation that has shrunk the world with the way we can travel to pretty much anywhere in the world and visit the sites there. Even if you’ve decided to live in a Park Homes Gloucester way place like the ones that you can see on you still can come and go as you please and that means travel.

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My Mother always used to say to me the have the fun of going on holiday was getting there. This was true in the nineteen seventies when we used to go down to the Devon coast and Torbay area, we would leave at four in the morning as the sun just rose over the horizon and the dawn broke I knew we were on our way. Mine was a typical experience but one that was slowly decline for holidays in the UK. Whilst we were happy risking the twilight land of the service station others were heading elsewhere. In the nineteen sixties the foreign package holiday was starting to be unleased on an unsuspecting British public. They were suddenly told of holidays in Greece and Spain and even the South of France. This was unheard of and when you added to the mix the fact that the weather would stay sunny it seemed like a dream. It probably isn’t any real wonder that we thought it might be time to turn away from the tailback at Capel Curig and just concentrate on getting to an airport instead. With the chance of a warm beach guaranteed all summer rather than staring out of the caravan on a wet wasted week in Weymouth times had to change.

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BOAC were on hand to take the British holiday maker away from the traditional fish, chips and kiss me quick of Blackpool and introduce them instead to the factor 40 sun drenched beaches and Paella of Spain. And we loved it. It was the beginning of the end for the British seaside and it would never recover. It was time for the high life, cursing at altitude enjoying a can of over priced Heineken lager or a sour white wine and then being presented with a meal in tray of something that you really were not quite sure what. It didn’t matter. The people that went were swayed and they told their friends and they told there’s and the slow exodus was set to the situation we have today.

Everything changes but I still feel a little sad that I’m not piling my kids in the car in the morning for that sunrise ride to the sea.

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