Using social media to promote your business

When it comes to using social media for your business is can seem like the options are almost endless. There are a variety of different platforms that you can use and the most appropriate will depend on the type of industry that you are in as well as the demographic of your customers. You should ensure that your chosen social media channels are integrated with your website and Gloucester Website Design company Net 9 Design can help you with this as well as another other website issues and design requirements that you may have.

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Here are a few facts about some of the options available to you.


It is thought that there are around 1.3 billion users worldwide of this platform. Facebook is primarily used to build relationships and so it is important that the posts that you share on here will help to engage your followers and encourage others to like your business page. This may mean sharing little tips and bits of information that you think will be helpful to your current and potential customers. Facebook is great for keeping in touch with existing customers and building up your relationship and trust with them.


If you are looking for a platform to create awareness of your products and services then Twitter may be a great option for you. It is a great way to promote your business and build brand awareness, especially if you carefully research hashtags that may be appropriate for your business sector and the geographical location that you are in. Twitter, much like the other platforms, requires dedication and commitment to be regularly posting items as this is how you build up your followers.

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This is a very visual platform and is essentially an online scrapbooking board. Women tend to use Pinterest much more than men and products and lifestyle services work very well on here. Style ideas, crafts and recipes are amongst the most popular pins available on the platform. In order to successfully use pinterest you need to make sure that you have great visual collateral in your business and you can find that this platform can increase your sales if you operate in a product based market.


Owned By Google this is the biggest video based search engine world wide and is a great way to showcase your products or perhaps share some information relating to the services that you offer that you feel would be beneficial not only to your current customers but also your prospective clients.

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