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How to ensure your makeup lasts all day

Every woman has had that moment where they look in the mirror and see their makeup smeared halfway across their face. Whether you’re sweating your makeup off, crying it off, or it just vanishes completely, it can be really irritating to have to reapply makeup throughout the day. The truth is that you shouldn’t have to reapply it in the first place. We have put together our top tips on how to ensure your makeup lasts all day and avoid that “Have I really been walking round like this?” moment.

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Prepare Your Skin

The best way to make sure your makeup stays on is to implement a great skincare routine. See makeup as paint, and with great skincare, you will have the ideal canvas. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise your skin before applying makeup to help it stay on.

Apply A Primer

Applying a primer to your skin before putting on your makeup will seal in your moisturiser and provide a smoother, more even surface for makeup. It also stops your makeup from being absorbed into your skin, giving it that extra boost of staying power.

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Choose The Right Foundation

An oil-free foundation has the best chance of staying on because it won’t slide off your face. There are also a lot of different long-wear foundations and concealers available on the market. Take a look at your skin type and choose a foundation that will work best for you.

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Stay Put Eyeshadow

Eye makeup is the top cosmetic that ends up smudging or disappearing throughout the day. Long-lasting eyeshadows are available, but opt for cream shadows if you want something more durable. Just make sure that it dries before you put any eyeliner on. If you like to use eyeliner, choose a waterproof gel or liquid one that will stay on without smudging. If you prefer pencils, there are waterproof options available.

It can be really frustrating spending the time to apply a full face of makeup only to have it melt or vanish as the day goes on, so try these tricks to keep your makeup in place all day.

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