Are PPC campaigns worth it?

PPC campaigns, when done correctly, can be a highly effective means of boosting engagement with your brand.

What is PPC?

PPC, or pay-per-click, is an alternative way to advertise online. Unlike traditional approaches where you pay a set price for placement of advertisements, a PPC campaign will see you being charged every time a web user clicks on one of your ads, with the price you’ll pay derived from a bidding system.

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This means that if you use PPC well, you can tailor the benefits you derive from your advertising budget, from increasing the number of leads to boosting actual sales volumes. Therefore when done effectively, PPC campaigns are well worth paying for. You can read more about the potential of PPC campaigns here.

For a great way to instantly capture the attention of visitors, HTML5 banner ads, created by an agency such as, are hard to beat. After all, high-quality HTML5 banner ads with interactive elements are not only located in the prime spot at the top of the web page but will also entice visitors to click through to learn more about your brand.

Using PPC to boost SERPS

One reason why PPC campaigns are so popular is that they can be used to give your brand a better position in those critical search engine rankings (SERPS). If you visit any major search engine, you will see results at the top of the page that are distinguished by an “ad” tag. These are examples of PPC in action, and a demonstration of how PPC can rival traditional SEO techniques in getting your brand in front of the right eyes.

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You’ll need to select the best keywords to ensure that your ads appear in the right searches, of course, and have a bidding strategy in place to ensure that you can grab the best position in the search results. It’s also a smart move to have dedicated landing pages that bring visitors from your ads right to the content that relates to your top search terms. Doing so can help to convert browsers into paying customers.

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