Looking after your garden in winter

As the winter months come around, you might think that your chances of getting out into the garden are limited. However, there is still plenty that you can be getting on with during the months of December, January and February, the meteorological winter time. It’s also something that the residents of Park Homes Gloucestershire think about in their gardens as part of their Park Home Life.

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Perpreariont is the essential key to a winter garden. If you have a lawn, it’s best to have that mown and ready for the winter, where it will grow much slower. It’s a job that you should not have to worry about until March time. If you have any sensitive shrubs and trees to frost and cold, you can wrap them in a cloth to avoid the worst effects. If they are potted, it’s time to bring them in to shed or greenhouse for protection.

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Bulbs for the soring can be planted in early December at the latest. You can look to get winter flowering plants like the Primrose and Helleborus or the vivid red branched Dogwood. You can still do a weekly check of the garden to ensure that the buds of new life are forming, ready for spring. Though pests should be minimal, it’s a good idea to ensure that no blight has affected them. Whilst it may look bleak, there are still things to take positively.

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