terrarium lamps

How to make your own terrarium lamps at home

Although they are common if we have reptiles or amphibians as pets, terrarium lamps can also be used to add a touch of exotic decoration to our spaces.

One of the most important aspects at present is to be able to give our animals proper care. Regardless of the type of pet, it is necessary to be aware of the measures recommended by veterinarians. That way, they will maintain proper health.

Although we usually talk about the care that certain domestic animals such as dogs or cats should have, amphibians also need essential elements to ensure life. Among these, we can mention:

  • A correct feeding
  • A daily routine that fits your lifestyle
  • Illumination that allows good care of the species

What are terrarium lamps?

terrarium lamps

When we speak of terrarium lamps we refer to those that emit a certain type of light. They are the ones that should be used in the spaces in which reptiles live.

The objective of the light used in these places is that the animal does not feel the radical change that implies not being in its natural habitat.

Decorative terrarium lamps

Despite being recommended by veterinarians when we have reptiles or amphibian animals at home, terrarium lamps are also a good option if we want our house to adopt a cozy and natural environment. You also try these 10 tips to decorate small balconies with charm.

For the simplicity of their designs, lamps that include small terrariums adapt to any type of space you want. You just have to learn to play with the dimensions, so that everything turns out in the best possible way.

Remember that if you want to include a lamp to your terrarium, either for decoration or to preserve the life of your pet, you must take care of these elements:

  • The type of light.
  • The amount of ultraviolet rays needed by the animal in question.
  • The necessary care of the plant or the natural elements that we decide to include in our terrarium.

Elements in terrarium lamps for animals

terrarium lamps

As we mentioned earlier, many terrariums are used to recreate the natural environment of certain animals. For this reason, it is very important to take care of the order of the elements that we include and the quality of them.

If we refer to lamps with terrariums for animals, their background will depend on the type of reptile or amphibian that we maintain in space. This is because the way in which they interact with the lighting will positively or negatively influence their development.

No matter how useful our terrarium is, it is necessary that we have the right materials to do it and that the plants maintain their life in time.

Characteristics of plants used in terrarium lamps

When we take advantage of terrarium lamps in a decorative way, one of the questions we usually ask ourselves is which type of plant we should use.

Although the terrarium can have any type of plant, you must remember that if you want to include different species it is necessary to choose those that maintain similar characteristics. Also, we must choose plants that keep a small size and that is not going to leave the container.

As these spaces are full of a lot of humidity and dryness, you should be cautious. Among the most used plants, we can mention the ferns, cactus, moss and jade trees. Keep reading Could Your Home Be Suitable For Luxury Chandeliers?

Homemade terrarium lamp


  • Glass container width of a table lamp
  • Light earth
  • Plant chose
  • Table lamp with support
  • Bulb suitable to the plant or animal that we want to have in the terrarium
  • Decorative stones
  • Activated carbon

terrarium lamps


  • We will clean the glass container very well and we will proceed to mix the activated carbon with the small stones that we mentioned in the materials.
  • Next, we will add a small layer of moss, which will ensure that the water is absorbed from the irrigation and that our container is not Once this is done, we will place the loose soil.
  • The amount of land we use will depend on the roots of our plants. Normally you can use between seven and fifteen centimeters of earth. Remember to crush a little when you make this step so that there is no land left between the surface layer that could adversely affect the performance of your terrarium.
  • After having everything ready, we will proceed to place the plants we choose. It is essential to do it with extreme care so that you do not suffer serious damage. Once planted, add the decorative elements and water a little.
  • To finish, we will proceed to close our terrarium with the help of the table lamp. This will go on top of the glass container. Remember to ensure very well the link between the two so that watering the plant is a simple process.

Tips to make our lamp a success

Remember that the size of your plant will depend on the use you decide for it. For obvious reasons, if you are chosen to care for an animal, it must have the appropriate dimensions. According to the species of your plant, you should water it at least once a week and give it a lot of love.

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