Three Ways to Use Concrete to Create Unique and Creative Pieces for your Garden

When you think of a garden, concrete is probably not one of the first materials that you think of when it comes to making it look more attractive. However, concrete is in fact a great material to use in your garden and you can create some really stunning garden designs simply by using concrete well. It is inexpensive and readily available to – find a local supplier like this concrete Stroud based supplier and have a look at these ideas for using concrete in your garden…

Concrete Garden Ornaments and Sculptures – If you want some unique artistic additions to your garden, why not have a go at making some yourself from concrete? Make some stone planters from concrete and use a stencil if you wish to decorate them, or let your kids have a go at some designs on them and you have some home-made ornaments that you can treasure forever.

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Paths and Stepping Stones – To add some extra interest to your garden, create some paths and stepping stones from concrete. You can easily make these and form them to the shape that you want. Get creative and carve in some designs whilst they are still wet, or even create a mosaic effect with tiles.

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Garden Furniture – If you are feeling up to taking it a step further, you could purchase some moulds and make some garden items of your own – sundials and water features are just two of the things that work well in concrete and doing it this way you can have a lot of fun and make it your own.

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