How to Recognise Stress in Others

The first thing you must do to recognise stress in someone else is to understand what stress feels like. Stress is different for everyone, but some people exhibit some common symptoms. A person with high stress levels may not spend time doing relaxing activities or enjoying social situations. They may withdraw from others, become nervous, or have difficulty in relationships with others. Other common symptoms of stress include insomnia, aggressiveness, and increased proneness to accidents. While this is a common symptom of stress, it’s not a reliable indicator and each person will react differently.

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Signs of stress include irritability, low self-esteem, racing thoughts, and acting unreasonably. They may also experience headaches and muscle tension. Stress hormones are released in the body to enable the “fight or flight” response. In some cases, prolonged stress may lead to symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other physical disorders. Luckily, there are many ways to recognise the signs of stress in others and help them feel better. For help with Mental Health Training Courses, go to Tidal Training

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Regardless of the situation, most people experience stress from time to time. Some people even find stress motivational. In either case, there’s help available. Stress causes a variety of different physical and mental symptoms, and it’s crucial to recognise these so that you can respond appropriately. However, if you’re having trouble recognising stress in others, it might be time to seek help. While it may be difficult to recognise, there are resources that can help you cope with stress in your daily life.

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