The Luggage Lowdown – Top Tips for Perfect Packing

Whether you are an experienced traveller, or this is your first trip, there is expertise to packing that if you are right, can make the experience much easier and more enjoyable. Here are some of the best tips to help you get into the holiday spirit without the stress:

1 Make a list

Every great adventure must start with a list. This way you don’t have to worry about forgetting all the important holiday stuff or your favourite teddy bear! There are many important packing list tips online that you can print off and personalize.

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2 Compression packs

There are many very useful packing gadgets that you can buy to make the job much easier. Vacuum compression bags not only mean you can put more in your suitcase but by rolling up clothes and putting them in this bag, you don’t need to iron anything once you reach your destination. Place clothes inside, squeeze out all the air and you make everything smaller and wrinkle-free.

3 Avoiding dead space

For optimal packing, you need to identify possible dead space areas that can be utilized. Every inch of the case must be used. Tops can be rolled up and underwear or socks pushed inside shoes to ensure that all available space is beneficial to you.

4 Preventing spills

No one wants to start unpacking and realize all their favourite clothes are covered with shampoo! If you are worried about liquids leaking into your clothes during transit, the smart trick is to open the bottle cap, place a sheet of adhesive on the neck of the bottle and put the lid back on.

5 Don’t overdo it

Don’t pack anything that you can buy easily at your destination such as shampoo, shower gel or even sun cream. These items will not necessarily need to weigh down your baggage and are best bought, used and disposed of while on vacation. If you have to use a certain brand and are worried you might not find it then think about transferring some to a smaller container, enough to last during your holiday.

6 Weigh

A good idea is to buy a luggage scale to weigh your suitcase before you arrive at the airport. This way you won’t suffer from any unpleasant surprise costs when the airline slaps the ‘heavy luggage’ label on your case. Take the scale with you so you can do the same thing on your way home. If you find your luggage is too heavy, then you might consider wearing some heavier items. If you’re travelling to Ireland, consider the best of Irish Airports at

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7 Wear Heavy Goods

This is a good idea whether your luggage is overly heavy or not. Boots and jackets can be worn on a trip because it usually gets cold on airplanes during flights. You can always change once you reach your destination if you go somewhere hot and sunny, but why carry a heavy case when you can wisely wear the heavier items for travel?

8 Reduce by the Third

Another tip provided by the experts in packing is to list what you think you want to pack, and then reduce it to one third of that list. How many times do we pack too many clothes and wear only our favourite ones? So, even though it sounds drastic, try this next time you pack for a holiday.



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