reduce the environmental impact

Tips to reduce the environmental impact from your work

Industrial processes are the main causes of global pollution. In this situation, the authorities have established and applied laws, standards, and punishments, which work as direct and indirect instruments to reduce the environmental impact.

However, the problem of pollution is created and we gradually increase every inhabitant of the planet on a daily basis, so reducing the environmental impact is a task that belongs to all of us, not just the big industries.

The offices are also important points of contamination. Every time we are more people who have transformed our work into our second home since that is precisely where we spend most of the day and it is from there that we must start to create healthy environments, through which we can contribute our granite of sand to help the environment.

How to reduce the environmental impact?

reduce the environmental impact

This is a simpler task than it seems. We can contribute to caring for the planet regardless of the activities we perform, just enough to become aware of the habits we have been adopting, to change those with which we harm our environment. Join the fight against pollution! Apply these tips in your workplace and help reduce the environmental impact.

Minimize the consumption

Minimize the consumption

  • Turn off the lights of spaces that are not in use.
  • Only use the air conditioning when necessary and program the climate at a temperature that is not dangerous to your environment or your health, it can be between 26 and 25 ° C.
  • Read the documents on the screen and when it is necessary to print, do it on recycled sheets so that you will reduce both the energy consumption and paper. Also, the use of digital documents will help keep your office organized.
  • If you eat at your place of work, bring your food and crockery to avoid disposable consumption and the expense of fuel that will be generated when ordering food at home.
  • Disconnect electronic devices (computers, chargers, printers, photocopiers, microwaves, refrigerators, etc.) at night and on weekends.
  • Do not leave chargers connected.
  • Use the water rationally. Fill the same bottle or jug filter and report any leak immediately.

Open the windows as long as possible to ventilate your office with fresh air, thus reducing the use of air conditioning and aerosol air fresheners, which contain chemical and gaseous agents that destroy the ozone layer. In the same way, use natural lighting and use the lamps only if necessary.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Reduce and recycle

Place a special container for each item that you can recycle and reuse, such as sheets where you can reprint, as well as bottles, cans, and lids of different materials, which you can then take to collection centers for further recycling. Share these ideas with your colleagues and make a single trip to take everything recycled, to minimize fuel consumption. Other materials that you can recycle are cardboard, batteries, plastic, glass, organic matter, cartridges, and cell phones.

Decrease using vehicle

Whenever you can, go to work in public transport or other means of transportation that does not contaminate, such as a bicycle; if the distance allows you, go walking, with this in addition to taking care of the environment by saving fuel, your health will benefit. If it is necessary to use your car every day, keep it in optimal conditions by performing the corresponding service promptly and try to share the trip with other people.


Raise awareness

We must all be aware that the care of the environment for the conservation of the Earth is in our hands and we put our best effort to minimize the damage that we may be causing to the planet from the place we are, and that place is usually for many our workplace.

Share these practices among your colleagues, so you will help raise awareness about environmental problems and the importance of caring for the environment. You see how easy it is to help reduce the environmental impact. Put these tips into action as soon as possible and turn your workplace into a green space. Let’s do it!

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