Interesting Facts about the Diverse City of Bristol

You probably didn’t know that the city of Bristol is the World’s biggest hot air balloon manufacturer?  If you are interested in Maritime History, you might know that the infamous Pirate Edward Teach better known as Blackbeard had his home in Bristol!  He reputedly had a secret hideout in the Redcliffe caves and his original house still stands on the harbourside.  The world-renowned author J.K. Rowling was born in Yate in Bristol and randomly the very first bungee jump took place off the Clifton Suspension Bridge! Having great road and rail access the City has become a very popular place to set up a business and specialist companies that offer professional services such as TV aerial installation Bristol are thriving.  The local population of over 467,000 rely on these bespoke companies to provide quality TV aerial installation Bristol and these experienced engineers certainly offer that.

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By offering a same day, free quotation and evaluation of the aerial installation site before any work is carried out and by using a team of friendly, fully qualified engineers, these professionals are offering the locals a safe, reliable, secure and quick service. Back to interesting facts about Bristol, in 2012 they launched their own currency called the Bristol pound, aimed at keeping any money invested in the local economy.

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Bristolians are proud of their city and the many businesses that are thriving there, they support the local economy and each other, working together for the good of their community.

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