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10 rules to follow become a successful freelancer

We prepare this article for you, how to build your carrier an a successful freelancer. We are sure that the term “millennial” is not completely unknown to you. It is the generation born between 1980 and 2000 that has redefined the rules of the game in a number of areas, particularly in the labor market. Unlike our parents and grandparents, we are not attracted to the idea of staying in a company all our lives. Do the same way every morning for 30 years? Very little for us! What makes us dream today is to be able to go where the wind leads us. We want to be independent, create our own website , work at our own pace and on various projects. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Freelance era.

But let it be said, working on your own is not easy. The effort provided is often much greater than when one is employed. Yes, freedom has a price. If on one side you can set your own rules, on the other you are more likely to feel lost at the beginning of your experience. Farewell corporate policies, clear and well defined missions and weekly reports. You are now the only one on board. Which means that if you want to lead your boat, you will have to set some limits. Which ones? What do you need to know before starting your own business? Freelancers and other independent professionals, here are your 10 commandments (to be followed religiously).

Here we share 10 golden rules to build your carrier as a successful freelancer

01. You will create your own website

It can never be repeated enough, no one can do without being online. Having a website is essential for you to know a successful freelancer. While you have very little chance that someone will spontaneously knock on your door, a customer can easily fall on your site after a Google search. Use SEO to be sure to rank high on the search engines and not miss any potential customers.

become a successful freelancer

Your site is also a great way to showcase your work and proudly display the opinions of your satisfied customers. All you have to do is customize it to your taste and activity.

02. You will not covet your neighbor’s client

Competition is tough for independents. Many are self-employed. If you calculate well, it means that there are always fewer potential customers … You can relax because this is not exactly how things work. If you are successful freelancer, you have everything to gain from having good relations with your colleagues (note that we do not use the word “competitors” here). If one of them gets a contract, he may need some advice at some point. This can lead you to make knowledge in the community, and one person by training another, you will create a professional network of quality. When one is independent, one must know how to surround oneself well. Know that envy is neither productive nor professional.

03. You will not work in bed

It’s a fact, more and more people are tired of the famous 9:00 – 18:00. They prefer to start on their own to move at their own pace. Moreover, with the help of technologies, you can now work from anywhere – from home for example. Attention trap! Although the idea of staying warm in your slippers is tempting, you will see that comfort quickly turns into boredom (and especially in the day little productive).

successful freelancer

For this to not happen, head out of your house as much as possible. Have you heard of coworking spaces? Not only can you meet interesting people, but everything is done to enable you to work effectively. If you do not have the means yet, no problem, create a corner at home dedicated to your working hours. Remember: the same way your table is made to eat, your sofa to watch TV, your bed is made to sleep, nothing else!

04. You will sanctify the days of rest

It is true that the advantage of working freelance is to be able to set your own schedules. Yet, you will quickly realize that this can lead you to be available 24/7. To avoid burnout, set limits. Remember that Sunday is the holy day of rest. These breaks are essential for your health, your productivity and your business – at risk if not to quickly return to 35 hours.

05. You will help your neighbor

You know this command well, but think it’s even harder to apply when you’re in a “competitive” relationship. Do you want to help a competitor? Well yes. You will not always be able to accept all requests. Stay tuned for opportunities that might interest other colleagues and suggest projects you can not cope with. You are doing this for them today, they will do the same for you tomorrow. Do you say that Moses would have done the same!

06. You will learn to say no

become a successful freelancer

Do not take on yourself more than you can bear. It is true that freelance work is somewhat unstable and that your ends of the month depend on the projects that fall. Yet accepting all the offers that come up can be a trap. By engaging in too many missions, you will be quickly overwhelmed. The risk is not meeting your deadlines and losing the trust of your customers. And here is the drama. It is better to stay reasonable, do quality work and respect your rest time, so your reputation.

07. You will not turn away from the right path

The outside world is full of distractions. By the way, did you see this video of dogs doing yoga? No, because you are a professional and it would be unreasonable to be distracted by Facebook at any time of the day. If you do not have an iron will, you can try this Chrome extension . It prevents you from opening certain pages of your browser for the duration of your choice, which will force you to focus on your work. Once you have completed all that was listed on your To-Do list, you deserved to go on  Facebook page and play with all the animals you want.

08. You will learn how to manage your time

You know the saying: time is money. To fill your pockets, you will have to be productive. As an independent, you do not have a fixed schedule or boss to control your results. So you will have to be very self-disciplined. To not waste your time, also think about planning your tasks. You have not learned to do that yet?

09. You will not stay in pajamas

successful freelancer

It’s one thing not to put on a suit every day, it’s another to stay in pajamas. Even if the only person you will meet in the day is your factor, this is not a reason to let you go. Wash and dress each morning, even if you do not leave the house. This will help you stay motivated and improve your productivity for become a successful freelancer.

10. You will love your work as yourself

Although being a successful freelancer is a dream come true, it’s sometimes much more difficult than working in an office: delivery dates, demanding customers, sleepless nights, responsibilities, etc. There are many benefits, but there are also many challenges that you will face. To overcome moments of doubt, it is very important to love what you do. The passion will keep you out of the water and allow you to fully enjoy your professional success.

Indeed, we hope you try to follow these rules to build your carrier as a successful freelancer, or if you have an any ideas to share, please comments below.

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