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7 risky and stylish hairstyles to wear at your wedding

We prepare this article risky and stylish hairstyles to wear in your D day. Fashion does not change, we already know it. It is cyclical, but it does not stop reinventing itself and presenting itself as new trends that capture the fashionista spectrum in the world. And as for hairstyles, this rule is no exception. Although the issue of trying, innovating and changing your hairstyle generates some fear, the result may well give you a unique look , and if it is for your wedding , what better way to dazzle your future husband, the guests, but above all, dazzle yourself to you and see in you, a woman safe, risky and ready for changes. Do not miss out on these 7 stylish hairstyles that will shine in 2019.

Here we present 7 risky and stylish hairstyles for your wedding looks

1. Pixie

stylish hairstyles

It was the model of the 60s, Twiggy who popularized this hairstyle. The ‘Pixie’ is a daring hairstyle, extra short and almost wet. In his time it was a ‘disconcerting’ and revolutionary look, but over the years it has been and continues to be copied by models, actresses, and women of the world.

This style is ideal for women with girl’s faces and delicate features and somewhat rounded, as they did in their time, Audrey Hepburn or Mia Farrow. How do we interpret this look? A look with character and personality, only for women who feel 100% sure of themselves. Keep reading mother of the bride hairstyles.

2. Bob wavy and curly

stylish hairstyles

We always talk about the ‘bob’ stylish hairstyle as one of the brides’ favorites on their way to the altar. The tendency to give volume, but not exaggerated to your hair, reflecting dynamism and freshness to the bridal look, will continue in force this 2018 and also in 2019. Follow these 5 best haircuts you’ll want to wear this fall 2018.

Take advantage of your hair if it is unruly or has the appearance of messy, for a curly hairstyle ‘bob’ at your wedding. Also, a great advantage is that you can put aside appliances such as irons, dryers, and products that end up maltreating and wearing your hair. Famous as the French actress Marion Cotillard is faithful to this type of hairstyle.

3. Type ‘mod’, but disheveled

stylish hairstyles

A masculine cut, since it transports us to the wonderful 90s, with the brothers Liam and Noel Gallager, members of the Oasis group, but whose origin goes back to the 60’s, in the movement ‘mods’ that triumphed in England. A hairstyle with bangs and a fall that covers part or all of the ears.

For girls, the cut is longer and more disheveled, with the back part looser, forming small undulations. A very ‘London’ cut and a crazy option for a bohemian wedding, outdoors and very uncomplicated.

4. A longer ‘lob’

stylish hairstyles

Taking the ‘bob’ cut as a reference, this ‘lob’ style goes further, because the limit is not above the shoulders. Now you can add to your hair a few centimeters longer. In this way, you can revitalize it and give it a chance to play more with your hair. A new energy for your hair and your look. Priyanka Chopra and Margot Robbie, are very loyal to this type of hairstyle for their photoshoot.

5. The ‘flapper’

stylish hairstyles

Risky? Totally. This stylish hairstyles, from the 20s, is very similar to the ‘bob’, but the difference lies in the tips, which are uneven, allowing you to play with a look, in this case bridal, more informal and far from rules and strict protocol. The fringe also changes, since the cut is done above the eyebrows, and combs either covering part of the forehead or to the side.

6. The layers

stylish hairstyles

No matter how new hairstyles or styles appear, the layers in the hair remain the protagonist and more if it is a wedding. Why? Simply because they give movement and body to your face, besides allowing you to play with the makeup and accessories that you will carry on your big day.

So if you get married at the end of this year or in 2019, do not leave aside this option to wear a hair with life and a lot of presence. Sandra Bullock and Natalie Portman know how to wear it in style. Do not miss these tips to wear perfect hair at your wedding.

7. ‘Boy cut’

stylish hairstyles

We can say that this is currently the trend. And it is that artists and celebrities have chosen it to manifest radical changes in their projects and artistic careers; but to say the singer Katy Perry or the actress Scarlett Johansson, to whom this cut ‘ rock and roll ‘ style is great. Rebellion, character and also sensuality, is what awakens this hairstyle in those who wear it. Would you encourage yourself like them to wear it?

Here you are! Seven different stylish hairstyles and the same message for those brides who are sure of who they are and the role they play in all the scenarios of their lives, but in terms of fashion and style, seek to opt for the risky and unconventional, without losing his femininity and romanticism.

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