The devastating effect of the Covid Pandemic on the Hospitality Industry and the pub trade specifically

When the Covid Pandemic hit the entire world at the end of 2019 the devastating effect on the hospitality Industry was almost instantaneous!  Ordinary people everywhere had to stay at home and isolate themselves while pubs, clubs, and entertainment venues were ordered to shut their doors and not allow access to their usual band of loyal customers.  Unfortunately, many businesses couldn’t remain viable and had to close their establishments permanently.  Those that did survive turned to trusted, reputable companies such as who provide affordable Finance For Pubs.  This professional and experienced company is able to secure loans at affordable prices for anyone in the hospitality Industry, they have a huge database of lenders who they can source at a moments notice, ensuring the best deal for their grateful clients.

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This much needed boost of financial support enabled the forward-thinking Landlords and Ladies to diversify and keep their establishments viable. Many provided meals for their local residents, while others specialised in Take Away food and even delivered far and wide to ensure their pubs remained open.

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People were incredibly grateful for the service these entrepreneurial pubs provided, being able to acquire a tasty, hot meal at an affordable price, and keeping up the spirits of many lonely locals.  Having the backing of a reputable financial expert behind them the pub owners were also incredibly grateful and were able to keep their businesses running.

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