Christmas entertainment

Christmas entertainment ideas

Christmas entertainment should not be limited to Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Instead, plan a party for a little earlier to spread the Christmas spirit. Open houses are an ideal way for many people to gather at your home, while cookie decorating parties are fun for adults and children. If none of those options appeals to you, invite friends and family for a night of hot chocolate, citron with spices and board games.

Gift exchange

Christmas entertainment ideas

Invite a group of friends to your house for a gift exchange before Christmas. Make sure you have exchanged names before the party. If you have many different groups of friends with you want to exchange gifts, organize many different parties; Your extended family probably will not want to exchange gifts with your colleagues.

Open house

Show your house inviting all your friends and family to share an evening with you with an open house. It establishes a time window of three to four hours a night, and invites people to attend at any time within that period. Offers snacks or snacks with punch or alcoholic beverages; If you wish, give each guest an adornment or souvenir at the end of the night.

Christmas entertainment cookies exchange

the Christmas entertainment ideas

Invite your friends to your house to bake and exchange cookies. This is a great time to exchange family recipes, talk and bake; It is also an ideal time to involve children. Plan the afternoon exchange so that children can attend after school. Make sure you have enough basic ingredients such as flour, sugar and oil. If your guests are going to prepare special cookies, ask them to bring any special ingredients they need.

Decoration party

Invite family and friends to help you decorate your home. Provide food and drinks to your guests. Decide if you are going to decorate only the tree, the interior of the house or the exterior. Set a fire in the home, if possible, to generate a warm atmosphere and remove the decorations before the guests arrive. Prepare a little popcorn and have blueberries ready to go through a thread.

Game night

Although the night of games does not directly involve Christmas, it is still fun to organize one for this date. With the tree and the decorated house, the night of games becomes a pleasant activity. Prepare a fire at home, hot citron or chocolate and marshmallows to toast. If your friends have children, set a table so they can play Go Fish (fishing game) or Candy Land. Another table will be that of adult games.

Christmas entertainment music

top Christmas entertainment

Music at Christmas entertainment is, perhaps, the most traditional mode of entertainment for these festive seasons, which is confirmed by Christmas carols, which originated in the European Middle Ages. Although, of course, you can select other types of genres such as music that, along with Christmas carols, is what most evokes the spirit of Christmas. Therefore, we recommend some compositions:

Classical music

  • Johann Sebastian Bach’s Christmas Oratorio
  • Sacred symphonies by Giovanni Grabieli
  • Christmas Concert by Arcangelo Corelli
  • Benjamin Britten carol ceremony
  • The Messiah by George Fried rich Handel
  • Christmas carols
  • Silent Night
  • The fish in the river
  • Bell over Bell
  • Flower walkway
  • Arbre Ubiquitous

Christmas movies

Another great idea is to watch some Christmas entertainment movies. The truth is that there are an infinity of movies that could be recommended. But as there will surely be children and adults in your home, the most popular movies that can be adjusted to all ages so they can be enjoyed are the following:

  • My poor angel (1990)
  • The Grinch (2000)
  • Operation gift (2011)
  • The promised gift ( 1996)
  • The polar express (2004)

Games for Christmas entertainment

There are several types of play activities that can be done at Christmas, including board games. The latter are very convenient to encourage your guests in a unique way in the middle of talks and some snacks. Christmas family games help to maintain a happy and fun atmosphere!

  • Domino
  • Monopoly
  • Jenna
  • Scrabble
  • Parcheesi

Christmas activities for children

the Christmas entertainment

If there are several families reunited, surely there will be children. It is important, then, to have some ideas of how to entertain them. Consider the following dynamics for Christmas:

  • Contest to see who wraps a gift more quickly
  • Racing sacks decorated with Christmas motifs
  • Search for the Christmas treasure
  • Draw the funniest Santa
  • Decorate and fill Christmas pinatas
  • Make a small theatrical performance of a Christmas work for adults

Christmas entertainment in family

best Christmas entertainment ideas


The most classic thing at Christmas entertainment is to gather the whole family around a table overflowing with food . The second most classic is probably to substitute seafood and nougat for table games. It could be said that, except perhaps on a winter Sunday when time does not accompany, it is the only time of the year when we give it a go.

There are many of them to choose from , from the latest commercial novelties to the most classic ones . Deciding which one to stay with will depend, to a large extent, on the tastes of the people we have at that moment at home. The idea is for everyone to participate and have a good time , so it is totally out of place to play something that some do not understand or with which they do not feel comfortable because they do not have the same ability as others.

If we do not want to look for games that are too complicated, nothing better than using the classics. The parches or the game of the goose have a simple operating rules , so it will not be difficult for everyone to be able to follow them.


And if you want to add a little excitement to Christmas with your family – or you are too many for this type of games – nothing better than getting a bingo . It is the perfect plan for when you are many at home because there is no limit of participants and also if someone gets tired of playing they can always take care of extracting the balls or singing the numbers. Do not forget to admit bets to give more intensity to the competition. No need to be large amounts of money, just play with cents.

The cards are another of those games that are ideal for practicing among several family members. Almost all of us have learned to play with our grandparents on a winter day when they no longer knew how to entertain us. It is nice to maintain that tradition and see how the youngest of the family try to win a hand to the elderly .

Do you want to see an exchange of papers? Nothing like seeing the grandparents trying to take control of the console and try to make the doll that represents them on television do what they want. Video games are not just teenagers and you can find some games in which the whole family can participate, in teams or alone.


Although it is easy to get hold of a bingo or a video game console, we can not always have one on hand, as is the case with the other games we discussed earlier. Nothing happens, because there is a whole series of games that do not need any infrastructure or something as simple as paper and pen . Things that we all have at home at any time.

These are the materials, along with a clock or a mobile that acts as a stopwatch, which are needed to play the movies or any other game in which some have to interpret or draw something and the members of their team must guess what it is that pretend to tell you

Taking advantage of what there may be at home you can also organize a treasure hunt , in which this can be some candy or some Christmas entertainment gifts. It is designed for the little ones, although the older ones can also take part and some have to take charge of controlling the participants.


Telling jokes, riddles or scary stories are other games that we can improvise at home at any time. And if there are still many Christmas entertainment hours ahead and we do not know what to do, why not try a homemade talents program? Each one looks for an ability to show others that he is the best and can use it to get everything he finds at hand, from clothes or makeup to props .

If what you want is to sing, then to do it. Nowadays it is not necessary to have a karaoke at home to improvise a musical evening. It is enough to search the internet for music videos with the lyrics printed and in which only the music is reproduced. You do not even need a microphone or a stage to show off singing.


Taking advantage of the fact that we are at Christmas there is a series of activities typical of this time of year that the whole family can do together. We refer to the crafts and also to the kitchen . We all like to lend a hand when preparing desserts or snacks and surely the managers of the Christmas menus will appreciate that we help them a little.

With a few materials such as papers, markers, glue, glitter and fabric we can assemble a variety of handicrafts for the whole family. We can prepare our handmade postcards, create decorations for the Christmas tree and even prepare ‘do it yourself’ gifts for the whole family without spending a single euro. The crafts unite, because some help others in a relaxed and fun environment .

Finally, Christmas entertainment are a time to enjoy with family and friends and make the most of that space we share with loved ones. It is a time when we meet people we have not seen for a long time -probably since the previous Christmas- and it is common for us to exhaust the topics of conversation and things to do fairly soon. That is why it is a good idea to have on hand a series of games and activities with which to entertain the family and avoid uncomfortable silences at home or that create subgroups among the best known. If this happens do not enjoy Christmas as a family, so we must try to remedy it. It is a time to enjoy all together, especially those who do not have too close during the rest of the year. In almost all families different generations come together during the Christmas entertainment, so you have to look for something that appeals to both young children and grandparents, something that is not always easy to find. For this reason it is better not to leave anything pending of the improvisation and to plan with certain advance what to do.

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