What To Wear To Go To The Club?

What To Wear To Go To The Club?

Going to a nightclub, the girl wants to have a great time: dancing, pleasant communication, new acquaintances. Therefore, the outfit should be not just beautiful, but super-easy. Today we will talk about what to wear to go to the club?

What To Wear To Go To The Club?

What can you wear to go to the club, and what is better, not worth it?

Club winter look consists of 2 basic parts: a light bottom layer and warm outerwear. As outerwear, you can use a fur coat, a jacket with fur inserts or a coat of wool, which, if necessary, you can quickly put on or take off.

It is quite hot in winter clubs, so if you put on warm pants with a fleece and a knitted sweater, after 10-20 minutes you will not feel too comfortable. Choosing elements of wardrobe, pay attention to moderately warm fabrics, which are perfectly breathable and absorb excess moisture:

  • knitwear;
  • tight jacquard;
  • velours;
  • velvet;
  • fleece;
  • velveteen.

Cashmere outfits or knitwear should be left for more formal events because the dense structure of such materials will give you a lot of inconveniences while relaxing at the nightclub. You should not wear classic sneakers or tracksuits at the disco, because such an outfit is considered a move.

What To Wear To Go To The Club?

Tip!  If you’re afraid to freeze, then experiment with layered outfits. For example, wear a thin turtleneck or a low-cut sleeveless shirt, jeans, and a cape. In this case, you will feel comfortable; get rid of the need to wear an extra element of a wardrobe in your hands throughout the evening.


Dresses are the basic element of every woman’s wardrobe, which she can wear in winter and summer. If in the warm season ladies choose lightweight things from cotton or flax, then in winter you should wear knitted, knitted for dresses. Such clothes allow you to look natural and seductive in any situation. When choosing a dress for a trip to the club, give preference to the following models:

  • Products with bare shoulders or back, which are worn under a fur coat. This dress can be supplemented with a cape or cardigan, which you will throw on your shoulders directly in the room.
  • High-waisted models, complemented by a thin strap.
  • Dress tunic or long raglan.

What To Wear To Go To The Club?
The dress can be both monochrome and variegated. Good looking models decorated with feathers, sequins, fur accents. Under the dress, you can wear skinny or colored tights, as well as ankle boots or high boots. The image is suitable for avtoledi and girls who go to the club by taxi.

What To Wear To Go To The Club?

Images with jeans and other types of pants – ideas with photos

Skinny jeans or leather pants, leggings – these are things that you can safely wear to the club. Pants will allow you to dance and move without restrictions, for the top of the look you should choose:

  • shirt, made of natural materials;
  • thin sweater with sleeves ¾;
  • a tunic that looks good paired with leggings;
  • tight pullover;
  • sweater jacket

What To Wear To Go To The Club?

Trend 2019 – high-waisted skinny jeans that blend perfectly with turtlenecks, bodysuits, and shirts. Add thematic elements using fur vests or capes. Under the image with jeans, leggings, leather pants you can wear uggs, high boots with and without heels, models of sneakers on the wedge heel with fur.

What To Wear To Go To The Club?

Important!  When going to the club, never pantyhose under your pants. Synthetic fabric violates the air exchange, so during intense dancing, you risk sweating. It is better to choose a recessed model of pants, but remember that it can visually expand the figure by 2-3 mm.


The skirt look is a universal solution that provides maximum freedom of movement. Slender girls fit classic skirts or mini-models. If your figure is non-standard, then pay attention to the bell skirts, flared sun or A-silhouette.

A good choice would be a skirt or a model that imitates elongated shorts. They can be successfully combined with a turtleneck and a short jacket. Effectively they look paired with a shirt or t-shirt that has a sleeve ¾. Under the skirt, you can wear high-top boots or ankle boots. Another option is the classic shoes, which you replace warm boots directly in the club.

What To Wear To Go To The Club?


A jacket can become an accent spot of a dress! It goes well with skirts, pants, shorts, and dresses. Complementing look jacket, make sure that this element of the wardrobe was really bright. Jackets with rhinestones, metal fittings, ethnic patterns and other types of decor are in fashion. In this case, for a dress choose things of neutral shades, and the jacket becomes the main element of the image.

What To Wear To Go To The Club?


Not wanting a long time to choose an outfit to go to the club, look at women’s overalls. This is really comfortable clothes that will allow you to become the queen of the party. Overalls are made of denim and other thick fabrics. Models may have a long sleeve or ¾. Under overalls, devoid of sleeves, hook body or turtleneck. The image is completed with pumps, low shoes, but only if the overalls have narrowed trousers.

What To Wear To Go To The Club?

Now you know what to wear to the nightclub. Forming the image is sure to consider how you will get to the entertainment venue. If you go by car, then give preference to lighter outfits and less insulated shoes. If you have to go to the club by public transport, then it is advisable to dress warmly and change your shoes just before going to the dance floor!

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