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As we zoom through November, Christmas is fast approaching. Our focus turns to spending cosy, warm nights indoors and exciting preparations for the coming festivities. Now is the time for planning those gifts for our friends and family. This can be a tough job, trying to come up with something unique and different each year. A great idea you might not have thought of is to visit a reclamation yard. Here you’ll find tons of amazing and unique finds that make ideal gifts for those who love interior design and antique items.

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Whether you’re looking for ornaments or lighting, or you wish to revamp your own interior for Christmas guests, you can find a treasure trove of antique furniture, recycled flooring and doors for example. Perhaps you want to put more of a focus on warmth in your home this winter and fancy changing the radiators? At a reclamation yard, there are often many antique radiators that have been lovingly restored that can add real class and elegance to your décor.

The darker afternoons and evenings of the season also provide the perfect opportunity to invest in some unique character lighting for your home. Special finds could include antique frosted pendant lighting and even tiffany lamps. These also make wonderful gifts for lovers of antique interior design. For a Reclamation Yard Ireland, visit

Every family will have a person who is tricky to buy for, so head to a reclamation yard for a fresh perspective and inspiring ideas for gifting this Christmas. It becomes increasingly hard to find great gifts when most of the high street shops have closed down and other stores only offer limited stock. That’s why it’s becoming increasingly important to think of different and imaginative ways to source those gifts.

Reclamation yards, therefore, are a great place to start as you never know what gem you might find. No two items are the same, stock is always changing, and you might even find something rare or unusual. Occasionally, some of the items might need a little renovation work to get them back to their former beauty, but most of the items will have been cleaned, polished and restored to have them looking as good as new.

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Perhaps the person you’re buying for has a passion for art deco or is an enthusiast of fifties retro style? This can narrow down your search, give you something to aim for and make hunting the reclamation yard that much more fun and challenging.

You could even find brilliant gifts for the pickiest customers of all, the kids! You can often find a large range of toys and play houses at a reclamation yard, in a variety of sizes and suitable for a wide range of spaces.


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