5 Benefits of Living in a Basement Apartment

From generating extra income to storing excess items, a basement apartment can serve as a multipurpose space, however, downsides such as lack of proper ventilation and poor drainage system can be spoilers for a lot of buyers.

Basement apartments have become extremely popular these days. Some homeowners are turning their basements into a living space for self-use while some are earning extra bucks by renting it. However, living in a basement apartment may cause health problems and be prone to dampness and seepage issues, points out Aalok Bhasin, a Delhi-based Architect and interior designer. Here are some pros of living in a basement apartment, courtesy of https://www.casinous.com/real-money-casinos/.

You can secure more space

An often overlooked aspect of renting a basement space is that you can secure more bangs for your buck in terms of the space that is at your disposal. That’s because a basement space often encompasses the entire bottom floor of a dwelling, so although it may be open plan, the inherent benefit here is that there will be much more square footage at your disposal

You can rent at attractive prices

We have already mentioned more bangs for your buck in terms of space, and this is one of the most outstanding benefits of renting this type of room. As it all boils down to the economics of supply and demand, and basement space is just not as desirable as other parts of the building, the price reflects that fact. If price is an issue (and let’s face it, for the majority of us it is) then looking for this kind of option can be a great way into the rental market.

Often depicted as quiet, lonely parts of the house, that cliché is actually another of the most attractive aspects of basements: they really can offer the kind of solitude that can be impossible to find in other parts of a building. If you live on the ground floor in an apartment block, there is always passing traffic as well as the issue of access: you could conceivably be woken up by every person who enters the building.

Stairs are often not an issue

Basement space can often be accessed by ramps, meaning that they have the potential to be ideal for disabled renters or those who are less able bodied. If there is a lift in the building, it’s only a short ride down too. You can use the space as a gaming hub for playing games at best online pokies Australia real money and other platforms.

It is often a great short-term solution

Back to that issue of supply and demand; as basements are often hard to rent out, the landlords can be much more amenable to the idea of short-term lets. If you have just arrived in a location and need a quick solution that doesn’t tie you down to a long contract, that’s a really attractive benefit. And then if you are renter, it’s a great way to start ramping up your credit history to boot.

Storage purpose

Usually, the basement apartment has a decent amount of space. It just depends on how you use it. Having a basement apartment, finished or unfinished, will create extra storage in your home. The advantage of a basement apartment gives you an additional storage space, and finished basements provide additional living space.

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