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Once it was a work of pure Science Fiction to be able to demand the appliances in your home to turn themselves off and on again by only the power of your voice or remotely from miles away. Now with the advent of smart system this fiction is now Science fact. It can be a tricky business setting up these new systems and a Home Automation Company might be a good idea so that you can maximise the full range of options available to you. What were the first steps towards the automated home?

In the past everything was done manually and therefore time consuming. Carpet cleaning, grocery shopping, communications, everything had to be done firsthand. Nothing could be done about this deeply analogue approach until the advent of electrical distribution grid of the early nineteen hundreds. This meant that power to domestic appliances could be utilised and supplied. Now, with the addition of computer technology and the Internet plus 4 and 5 G we can have this world. What were the first steps?

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As with much of the modern workings of the world the artisan inventors of the Renaissance come to the fore. One of the most prominent of these was Leonardo Di Vinci. He was the first to start laying down the principles of automated items, including a tank and several flying machines. However, while these were a bit fanciful, two of the biggest changes were the loom and the spinning mill. These would change the world of work dramatically.

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The humble thermostat is one of the most important items to be invented as it allows the systems that we use today know when to start and when to stop. We can thank the intellect of the inventor Cornelis Drebbel for this and the basis for many of the smart systems that we use rely on a simple thermostat.

The automated Garage door was the first really item in the home that relied on a remote systems to open and close it closely followed the Television remote. This last one was a godsend to many as it meant that we longer have to get up off the sofa, walk over to the television and manually change the channel. Now, Dyson’s robotic vacuum cleaner means that we can watch the hoover wobble about on the carpet doing its job. Rest assured, Samsung, Google and Microsoft all have some pretty specific ideas as to what they want us to have in our homes.

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