How To Choose The Bathroom Scales For Home Use?

How To Choose The Bathroom Scales For Home Use?

Bench scales – a device for measuring and controlling body weight. They will become an indispensable assistant in the event that you or your family members decide to follow a diet, treat obesity, or simply want to control weight daily. And today we will talk about how to choose bathroom scales for household use.

How To Choose The Bathroom Scales For Home Use?

Basic views and basic functions of bathroom scales

All bathroom scales can be divided into 2 types: household and industrial. The first is used in the agricultural, agricultural and other sectors where it is necessary to keep daily records of products. The latter is intended for home use, and they are also often used in antenatal clinics for weighing girls who are carrying a child. Household bathroom scales are divided into 2 types according to the type of mechanism:

  • Mechanical. The measurement takes place with the help of a special spring, the compression of which drives the arrow. They are inexpensive but are not equipped with additional functions: memorization of results, control of fat and muscle mass, and others. They can give an error of 300-500 g, in the responses of the girls indicate that this figure can reach 1 kg.
  • Electronic, which are more accurate than mechanical? They are equipped with a display that displays the exact body weight. Expensive devices are supplemented with a built-in memory unit that saves the results of weighing. They operate on the basis of springs, special plates, as well as a voltage sensor.

How To Choose The Bathroom Scales For Home Use?

Speaking about which is better to choose bathroom scales, it is worth focusing on electronic models. They are more accurate, beautiful, have a life of more than 5 years.

If you are actively involved in sports or dieting, then be sure to pay attention to diagnostic models that have the following functions:

  • Classical weighing
  • Percentage of internal fat
  • Muscle and bone mass
  • Water percentage
  • BMI calculation
  • Physical development indicators
  • Calorie intake and other indicators.

It is also worth highlighting the devices designed for weighing children from 0+ to about 5 years old (15-20 kg).

Additional characteristics

Maximum load

Talking about what to choose scales for home use, it is worth mentioning such a characteristic as the maximum load. Modern models withstand a load in the range of 140-200 kg. Experts recommend taking away from the nominal load of 10-15% because manufacturers sometimes embellish the capabilities of their products.

How To Choose The Bathroom Scales For Home Use?


When choosing floor scales, consider the type of material from which the platform is made. Most often, manufacturers use:

  • high-quality plastic, from which they make light, inexpensive and fairly durable products;
  • Glass with high resistance to mechanical damage, leaving ample opportunities for design. Maximum load – 150 kg;
  • Metal, which is the most durable material?

Less often there are exclusive models with a platform from a tree, and also a natural stone. Metal, glass, and stone can cause discomfort because these materials are quite cold. Wood and plastic absorb heat more quickly, so products with such platforms are more convenient and even pleasant to operate.


Accuracy ranges from 5 to 100 g, the lower the figure, the better. To verify the accuracy of the scales is simple: weigh up 2-3 times, recording the results. If there is an error within 50 g – this is the norm, if it exceeds 50-70 g, then you have a poor-quality product that will distort the result even more in the future.

How To Choose The Bathroom Scales For Home Use?

Battery type

Mechanical models do not need an accumulator, but it is necessary for electronic ones. The market most often represented by products that operate on lithium batteries, flat “tablets”, batteries. The batteries last at least 3-4 months of operation, which depends on the intensity of use, the type of indicators:

  • Luminous characters display;
  • Overload and battery charge indicators.

The number of batteries is from 1 to 6 pcs., If you use the scales often, it is worth considering to buy a special charger for batteries.

What are the additional features?

When selecting, also note the presence of the following additional features:

  • Sync with gadgets. Devices that have this function are recommended to choose if you use special mobile applications for weight control, diets. The product via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth will synchronize with the application, displaying the results in real time. In the ranking of smart models leading products brands Xiaomi, Yunmai, Picooc.
  • Auto power on, power off. The scales will automatically turn on and off when you stand on them.
  • Built-in memory. Memorization of the results of previous weighings.

Also, pay attention to dimensions. Yes, this device rarely leaves the apartment, but it needs to be stored, moved somewhere. Standard scales have a width and platform length in the range of 12-55 cm, but their height rarely exceeds 2-3 cm. For household use, it is better to choose models weighing up to 300-1500 g, but here everything depends on the design features and materials which made the platform. Plastic scales have less weight than metal scales.

How To Choose The Bathroom Scales For Home Use?


The price of floor scales directly depends on 3 factors: manufacturer, type (electronic, mechanical, diagnostic, and smart), the presence of additional functions. Mechanical devices gradually go out of fashion, but their cost varies between 5-25 dollars. The price of simple electronic scales, having auto-on / off function, reaches 6-10 dollars. For more powerful devices, which store the results and are equipped with a backlight, you will have to pay 5-10 dollars. Diagnostic and smart scales cost about 25–55 dollars, for children -60 dollars. And more.

Summing up

Now you know what it is better to choose floor scales for home use. Focus on your lifestyle, correctly assess the tasks, the budget. Before buying read reviews, after purchase, be sure to check the product, because it should not be cracked, chipped or other obvious damage.

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