What triggers challenging behaviour

When it starts to occur challenging behaviour can be an unsettling and frightening experience for anybody on the other end of it.   It can also be the same set of emotions for the person who is exhibiting challenging behaviour in the first place. Understanding and recognising when this challenging behaviour occurs is where the triggers are set.  If these triggers can be avoided or circumvented then there is a good chance that the challenging behaviour will not be shown by the person who displays it. Help with this can be found by studying a Challenging behaviour course such as those from www.tidaltraining.co.uk/learning-disability-training/challenging-behaviour-training-breakaway-techniques.

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The triggers and start points for challenging behaviour can come in a variety of ways. That includes but is not limited to Such things as communication difficulties.  Imagine that you are the person with the challenging behaviour. it’s only natural that you would be  triggered if you were unable to communicate your needs, wants and desires to somebody let alone your emotional state.  You would naturally start to feel frustration and want to  possibly lash out.

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Sensory situations and stimuli can also bring about challenging behaviour.  These triggers are more subtle and difficult to spot but they can lead to an onset of challenging behaviour aspects from somebody when they feel these upon them.  There are also many other factors such as cognitive ability and the environment that the person finds themselves in at the time.

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