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We’ve all been in a tricky spot where the conventional post just can’t quick get something where we need it to be. While our honest post people don’t have some of the things to put up with as these Gods below did when delivering post and packages it still seems like a monumental task. Not to worry, there is an Same day courier Slough that can be visited at and they will be able to sort any issue that you have. Let’s have a look at some of the most famous couriers in the world first.

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There are quite a few Couriers in the world of the Gods. One of the most famous is Hermes. As the son of head God Zeus it’s pretty clear that his Father did not want him lounging around Mount Olympus doing nothing all eternity so he gave him a job. Hermes has wings on his feet to give him a little bit of a boost and it’s his job to get round all the Gods and tell them what’s going on. As a special treat he sometimes joins mortals to help protect them if there on a special mission form the Gods. Another God who delivered messages was Morpheus. Morpheus wasn’t going to worry about all that tedious mucking about with actually turning up at a mortals house though. He used the medium of dreams and even had two brothers to help him one being responsible for Nightmares and the other for the weird ones that you get.

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It’s not just the Greeks that have Gods who deliver messages there are quite few from the British Isles as well. Andescoci is one recorded by the Romans as belonging to a Brythonic Tribe but little is known about him. He would probably have been overshadowed by the Roman equivalent God of Mercury anyway who himself was a rip off of Hermes. This time though he had a winged Helmet rather than feet. Nevertheless his job was the same and he was still descended from Zeus or Jupiter as the Romans named him. Back in Celtic Britain the God of messages was the rather interesting Lugus. To help him to convey the messages of the gods( but mainly his own) he had three heads so that he could address many people all at once. The message was the same though “do as the Gods tell you.”

Moving away from Europe in India it’s the God Krishna who fulfils that role. He really goes for it to Arjun his disciple and great friend in the Mahabharata where he also basically reveals himself to be in charge of pretty much everything in existence. So, that’s quite a big message then. It would be interesting to see if he could beat that Company above when it comes to delivery.


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