What items can clog your drains

Our sinks and drains need to be free flowing to ensure that we don’t have water travelling back up the pipes, or bad smells emitting from the sinks. There are instances where blocakges can occur and they can result in the need for support from Drain Lining London companies such as www.drainpower.co.uk/drainage-services/drain-lining/drain-lining-london/ to come and fix the damage that has occurred.

We can help prevent blockages from occuring by ensuring that none of the following items are flushed down our drains.

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Oil and fat – cooking oil and fat should never be poured down your sink. When they meet the coldwater they collect into what is known as fatbergs. These fatbergs then sit in your pipes and cause blockages. There have been instances where they have become so large they can block entire sewage pipes.

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Rice – whilst you may think that the rice that comes out of your saucepan has already increased in size, it can in fact grow much larger. This is what happens when rice makes its way into your pipes. It sits in the bends of the pipes and continues to increase in size, causing blockages along the way.

Flour – we have all been in the situation where we have flour stuck to our hands. When you go to wash it off it only seems to stick to you more. This happens as a result of the structure of flour when wet. It creates a glue-like texture which can cause havoc in your pipes.

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