How To Prolonged Lactation?

How To Prolonged Lactation?

How to prolong lactation – tips on prolonged lactation.

You do not know how to prolonged lactation, we will help you.

The birth of a baby is the most divine and beautiful event in the life of every family.

Natural breastfeeding for each newborn baby is the best, which is why from the first days of their life, the baby’s mother must pay attention to her lactation.

Tips for prolonged lactation

In the life of each newly-made mother, there are several specific periods when the occurrence of breast milk in the breast is significantly reduced. The first period is the very first week after birth, as well as the first few months after the end of the birth. So why is this happening, and how each mother can increase lactation, we’ll talk about it today?

How To Prolonged Lactation?

During this period in the woman’s body begins a restructuring in the whole body, which is reflected in the lactation of milk. That is why every mother should ask herself the question – how can lactation be increased, and which drugs are the best for producing breast milk.

  • Putting the newborn to the chest. Frequent attachment of the baby to the breast is the most effective way to increase lactation. True, some pediatricians are against this method in order not to overfeed the child, because they believe that feeding the baby should be carried out according to a specific regimen. When the baby sucks milk predominantly on demand, the milk in the breast will not disappear.

Lactation can be increased in the following way: in the first months after the birth ended during feeding, the mother should alternate between the breasts, and after the end of the feeding, express all the milk. Do not leave breast milk in reserve. At the right time, the mother’s body will feel that the baby needs to be fed and will begin to produce the right amount of milk.

  • Night feeding of the child. Night feeding is useful not only for the child but also for his mother. Your baby will be fed, in addition, he will very quickly stop crying and after feeding he will immediately fall asleep near the mother’s breast. And for mothers of the baby, such feeding is very useful because in the middle of the night you do not have to get up and express the extra milk. Contact between mother and child will also have a positive effect on lactation, which is why a woman should put her child as often as possible and sleep for the first time for the first months. If your baby is fast asleep at night, then he does not need to be awakened at all for feeding.
  • Proper nutrition for prolonged lactation. A nursing mother every day should receive along with nutrition all the important trace elements and vitamins that are so necessary for lactation. In the daily diet must be rice, nuts, fresh fruit, bread with cumin, greens, salad, fresh juices. And above all, in the diet, it is necessary to use milk and various dairy products.

How To Prolonged Lactation?

And in order to produce milk, it is even better to drink broths of lemon balm, black currant, and fennel. During lactation, each nursing mom should receive a certain amount of fat, so women should consume butter. Onion and garlic, contrary to various expert advice, still need to be excluded from your diet, because they can change the taste of milk in a bad way.

  • Full sleep. You will ask how this can be done with a small child? In this case, you can seek help from your close relatives so that you can get enough sleep during the daytime, making up for lost time during the night. As for good lactation, it is necessary for the mother to get enough sleep, and throughout the day she felt very cheerful.
  • Drugstore to increase lactation. How can lactation be increased so that there is enough milk in the breast to feed the baby? Quite often, during a disruption of production, specialists have prescribed a special preparation for women, which is called palace – a natural royal jelly. Daily intake of this drug (which is usually sold as tablets) after about a few weeks leads to an increase in the total amount of milk, as well as its quality improves.

There is another effective drug that has a lactotrophic effect — it’s a mammalian — it can also help you increase your total breast milk production. But, like all other drugs, these drugs may also have some contraindications, which is why you should always consult your doctor before using them.

Now, thanks to our article, you know what you can turn your attention to in order to ensure normal lactation and in the future to provide your child with proper nutrition. Choose for yourself the most suitable way to prolonged lactation, only in this case you and your baby were always healthy.

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